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The Most Missed Yesterland Attraction - POLL (version 19.0)


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  • The Most Missed Yesterland Attraction - POLL (version 19.0)

    Everytime I pass by the quiet mining cave behind Big Thunder Mountain, look up at the abandoned chalet near the Casey Jr. Train, or go into Tommorowland I realize how many attractions have made there way to Yesterland. Many people reflect fondly on the old attractions that they enjoyed from the past that aren't around anymore. They say to themselves, "Man I wish I could ride that thing one more time. I don't know why it was ever removed."

    So my question is this. What is the most missed attraction in all of Yesterland. The ONE that really should not have been dismissed into the past. I submit to you a weekly running poll. Each week I will post 10 yesterland attractions. The ones with the lowest votes will be eliminated and new attractions will be added until we have determined which attractions or attraction is The Most Missed Yesterland Attraction.

    If you don't see your ultimate choice on the list, just vote on what is there and let me know what should be up there and I'll put it up for the next poll.
    The Peoplemover
    Mike Fink Keel Boats
    Country Bear Jamboree
    Tahitian Terrace
    Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules
    The Rocket Rods
    Captain EO
    Mission to Mars
    Motor Boat Cruise
    Adventure Through Inner Space

    The poll is expired.

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    People Mover.


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      Toss up between People Mover, the two Skyways, Circle-Vision, Mission to Mars, Submarine Voyage, and Tahitian Terrace. I just never imagined those would be removed. Never. And without them, it's not the Disneyland I love.

      I'd love to have Adventure Thru Inner Space back as well.

      Anyway, I voted for the Tahitian Terrace, mostly because I have such a fondness for tiki culture and it was one of the best examples we had. And we should have it back, forever.
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        I didn't vote for the Skyways cause those buckets scared the crap out of me.
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          Hmmm. Country Bears me thinks. I miss Buff.
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            Country Bears indeed, they destroyed a classic!

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              Subs and Rocket Rods were fun but the classic is the people mover!


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                people mover, subs, mission to mars


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                  I had to go with Peoplemover, though had I been born and been able to ride the mine train think I would have gone with that one.


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                    Adventure through Inner Space sounds like it could be a state of the art attraction that would actually make you feel like you shrunk. I vote ATIS. It most definately would make the biggest impact if it ever returned in a 21st century form.


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                      This one is tough ...

                      For me it could be the Peoplemover, Skyway, InnerSpace (although I wouldn't trade Star Tours for it) or Tahitian Terrace.

                      It would have been the Subs, but those are coming back so no vote.

                      So, out of the choices I made above, let's see:

                      Peoplemover: Really a cool attraction, and I think this will one day come back. I don't think it's that expensive to maintain, or man and it adds great kinetic energy to TL. And there is one at WDW that we can ride. No Vote.

                      Skyway: Unique in that it went through the Matterhorn and you could see some cool attractions. But you can find these at other parks still. No Vote.

                      InnerSpace: Another great attraction, more educational than anything. I would love to maybe see a InnerSpace'esque attraction end up at Epcot or something. But there are now 2 Omni-mover attractions at DL again, don't need a 3rd. No Vote.

                      Tahitian Terrace: The single most dissapointing removal of anything ever at Disneyland. Yes, even more than the Peoplemover/Rocket Rods. This location is never open (I think I have been in there once since it was Aladdin's). We used to go to the TT every trip to DL. It was awesome.

                      So, in conclusion my vote is for Tahitian Terrace. Please bring it back!!!


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                        where are the subs?


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                          Originally posted by disneyguy247
                          where are the subs?
                          Next to Matterhorn here:
                          I liked it better when it was blue instead of green. Isnt this a really sad picture?
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                            I don't see it listed here, but hands down, the best Yesterland attraction is/was

                            Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland

                            Beaver Valley, Cascade Peak, Olympic Elk...the Original, Orignal Bear Country

                            200 Birds Beasts & Reptiles At Work and Play

                            In thier Natural Habitat made possible through the

                            Climaxed by the Spectacular & Magnificent

                            RAINBOW CAVERNS


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                              It was a hard decision for me but, of all the ones I remember the people movers come to mind. That track looks so sad empty, and it makes tomorrowland kind of boring with out moving things going back and forth as you walk in.
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                                Peoplemover. It's sad to see weeds growing on the rusted track.


                                • #17
                                  Hey ... where is Light Magic???


                                  • #18
                                    Oh, wow...I can't vote on any single one, there are so many listed there that I miss!

                                    * The Peoplemover - I enjoyed the slow-paced relaxation of the ride, short wait time (the most I think I saw it at was 3 minutes. Might be longer, but yeah. ^^), plus I listen to the cheesy 60s'ish elevator music of it now, and it somewhat amuses me.

                                    * Mike Fink Keel Boats - I personally found these fun and relaxing...unfortunately, I only got to ride them twice, both times close to the date they were taken out.

                                    * Tahitian Terrace - I never got the pleasure of eating here, but boy, did those jungle drums from the show add to the theming of the Jungle Cruise. Plus the pictures i've seen of the show stage area impressed me. ^^

                                    * Captain EO - Okay...this one's REALLY not likely to happen, and I don't need to say why. But frankly, I enjoyed this far more than HIST. I still have a plush of that butterfly/possum guy around my room somewhere, too. With the right amount of digital retooling and a little bit of added special theater effects (it didn't really need that much more), this show could've been redone quite nicely.

                                    One that wasn't listed:

                                    * America Sings - I actually enjoyed this show even more than Country Bear Jamboree...well, anyway, from what I can vaguely remember of it...the music was great, and I remember the rotating stage was quite an awesome site to behold. Wish I could say the same for the theater's current attraction occupance... <_> *hides before she's flogged!* :lol:


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                                      Peoplemover track is still there, with a possibility of a comeback, similar with the subs. I do miss America Sings, considerably, but thank goodness I can see them on Splash. I also miss the super tall attractions in TL like the older tall Rocket Jets, and the Skyway, but the attraction I miss the most were Bear-acaded from their old home and place of business, only to be replaced by 2 D Heffalumps and Woozles. Why oh why were Paul and Cythia slightly Confuseled ? :confused:

                                      The Beloved Country Bears added an amazing atmosphere, along with Max, Melvin and Buff! :love: I will alway Love the good ol' American Bears,
                                      Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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                                        I guess I'm in the minority, as I don't really understand the great appeal of the Peoplemover, it was a nice ride through TL... but the best thing about it was that it didn't have a line.

                                        My vote was for the Bears. I saw the recently at WDW, and despite some faulty audio, it's still a great attraction.


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