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More questions about TL 98


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  • More questions about TL 98

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys could answer some Qs for me.

    1) How was TL 98 announced? Were people pleased when they found out TL was going to be refurbished?

    2) Did the entire land close down the refurbishment, or was it done building by building?

    3) Why was the land refurbed in the first place?


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    Re: More questions about TL 98

    I don't know about number one, but two and three I can help you with.

    2) I visited the park before TL 98 had it's grand opening...I remember seeing the Rocket Rods speeding around surrounded by plastic. I'm sure certian areas were closed off at some point, but I think Disney wanted guests to still enjoy TL as best they could until everything was up and running.

    3) Because TL ended up becoming the futuristic 80's, and we'd moved to the 90's. I'm fairly sure the management figured they could cut back on certain costs for things in TL, too (like the Subs, although it took them a few more months if I remember correctly)...if you look at the list of attractions in the area before and after, the after isn't even half of what was before (if memory serves me right).


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      Re: More questions about TL 98

      1) I worked as a Cm from 92 to 95 and we were being told of the TL98 even then. I can't remeber when it was announced to the public.

      2) I dunno, I was living out of state at the time.

      3) By the mid 90's, a lot of "Tommorrowland" wasn't tommorrow-sh any longer. The US didn't use rockets like the rocket ride any longer, it used the Space shuttle. Also, the "Mission to Mars" was now out of date.

      It was explained in CM's newsletters that TL had to be update all the time to keep it futurisc. For example, the "House of the Future" was taken out because it no longer was the "House of the Future". Many of the items in the house had become common in everyday houses.

      Somebody at Disney decided that instead of showing TL as a "Possible Tomorrow" they would show a "Fantasy, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Type of Future" I even remember them using that term or something like it to describ the changes. That is why the new rocket ride looks so funny. It is supposed to be how people in the 1800's viewed the future. I saw drawings of what the new subs were supposed to look like, and they looked like the sub in 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas. Sort of like the pictures I have seen recently of Discovery Bay.

      People in the 1950's had one View of what the future would be like. People of the 1980's had another, People in 2000's had another, ect ect. Disney was trying to keep from having to keep up with the changes by making TL a view that was held when 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas was written.
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