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Has anyone ever stolen from DL?


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  • Has anyone ever stolen from DL?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever stolen anything from DL. I know it might be incriminating but if you have, I am curious to know, where and what.
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    Never even occured to me!
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      I think I'll plead the fifth on this one. Let's just say I spent a lot of time at Disneyland with my felonious cousin Stacey when we were teens. :o


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        Not me, but my little sister stole tons of miniature Snow White figurines years ago.


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          When my daughter was 3 she walked out of the Emporium with a pair of Mickey gloves. As soon as I saw them I rushed them back into the store, no one saw me.

          Of course, she wasn't really stealing, but it was still quite a shock.


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            Originally posted by Nephythys
            Going Back to WDW:

            (is that right? May 19- leaving at 1:30pm for the airport)

            If those are the values you put in, then yes, I'd say it's right.

            Never stole from DL, it never occurred to me.

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              Paul Pressler stole everything from Disneyland


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                Heh... I did once, by accident. I was lookng at those character sketches in Drawn to Animation, and then I got so caught up in conversation with my friend, I forgot I was holding two of them. Got all the way into the MuppetVision queue before I remembered. (And yeah, I did go back and buy them).


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                  The thought never once did occur to me, I am curious of how much that character sketches in Off the Page are, though.

                  Do they draw any character?

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                    I can't remember anymore. This was two years ago. I seem to remember them being quite a bit, though.


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                      Steal from DL....never! But my daughter has walked out of a shop with a lanyard around her neck.....she didn't even notice, but I did and back we went to return it.
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                        Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
                        Paul Pressler stole everything from Disneyland
                        LOL so true!!! :bow:


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                          I know people try and steal the first apple from Snow White's Adventures, as well as the Queen's sceptre in Alice in Wonderland! People also try and steal the feathers from Dumbo.

                          In 4th grade, we had a school trip to Disneyland for people who sold enough of fund-raising chocolate (rolls eyes) and this girl in the grade above me got caught for stealing on Main St. and was taken by security. The teachers had no idea where she was or what was happening until we were supposed to leave and they called her parents to pick her up. We left without her. haha.
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                            Wouldn't even think about it!
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                              Big Drunk Dave's Stolen Items... REVEALED!

                              Yeah, I remember stealing a crystal off the chandelier in the foyer of the Haunted Mansion once when I was about 12. These snitches (a husband and a wife) turned me in to the ride operator and they had me wait for security while my friends rode the ride.

                              They had me go to "Disneyland Jail" which is a police/security station behind Space Mountain (basically a portable with cubicles). Then this guy gave me a lecture about how people ruin the park and gave me a business card and said if me or my parents had any questions to contact him and then he released me and my friend.

                              I'll slap that family of snitches if I ever see them again.
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