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  • America Sings/Splash Mountain Game

    Heres alittle game I made up for myself awhile ago. Can you identify all the America Sings AA's in Splash Mountain?

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    All.. of... them?

    Just kidding. To get the easy one out of the way, everybody on the steamboat!
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      How about extra points if you can identify what song they sang in America Sings?

      I know a lot of them, but i'll go with my first faves...The two vultures near the final drop. In America Sings they performed "the Ballad of Billy The Kid".
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        I had a similar topic like this at . Here is the list we came up with:

        How do'ya do scene:

        Geese (All of them minus the two in Star Tours)
        Frogs (From the Swamp Boys section I belive)
        Aligator (From "See ya later alligator")
        (Brer?) Rabit on railcart (From "Ive been working on the railroad)
        Turtle & Roadrunner (From "Home on the range" I think)

        Laughing Place:

        Bird in Cage (From "Bird in a gilded cage")
        Fox (from "Down in the vally, the vally so low")
        2 Storks (from the final scene of the "Gay 90s")
        Blossum Nosed Murphy
        Saddleswore Swanson
        The rooster from the rock n'roll scene

        "Sad" Scene:

        Rabbit mom w/ babies
        Possum w/ babies (From "Lord I wish I was a single girl again")


        The Porcupine playing the drums from Rock n'roll scene
        All the AA's from "Down by the riverside" minus the frogs
        The 3 dancing girl geese
        The 4 Cats from the rock n roll scene
        The Swamp Boys (3 aligators and Racoon)
        Pig on piano and singing pig (From "Won't you come home bill bailey")

        Theres a dog too but I cant remember which scene hes from?

        Jim Hill & others reported that the Old Grey Mare is in the ride somewhere but i havent seen her and im not sure about the weasles, and a couple of others..


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          Ya the weasles from pop goes the weasle are in splash moutain, they are in the lauging place scene when u go buy the little water fountains, they pop out of the ground, i didnt notice them until the last time i went, maybe they put them/fix them during the refurb


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            The dog is from "My Old Kentucky Home" if I'm not mistaken


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              Updated list:

              Second lift:

              -Owl (from "Home on the Range")

              "How Do You Do" scene:

              -12 Geese
              -Frogs (from the Old South scene)
              -Donkey (from "Who Shot the Hole in My Sombrero")
              -Turtle (from "Home on the Range)
              -3 upside-down Possums (from "Lord, I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again")
              -Roadrunner (from "Home on the Range")
              -Rabbit on handcart (from "I've Been Working on the Railroad") This figure was modified to make him look like Brer Rabbit
              -Crocodile (from "See 'Ya Later, Alligator")

              "The Laughin' Place":

              -Chicken (from "Bird in a Gilded Cage")
              -Fox (from "Down in the Valley")
              -6 Weasels
              -2 Storks (from the final segment of the Gay 90's scene)
              -Dog (from "My Old Kentucky Home")
              -Another Goose
              -Rooster (from the Modern Times scene)
              -Saddlesore Swanson the Turkey (from "Old Chisholm Trail")

              "Sad" Scene:

              -Mother Possum & 2 baby possums (from "Lord, I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again")
              -Mother Rabbit & 6 rabbit children (from "Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight")
              -2 Vultures (from the Heading West scene)

              "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" scene:

              -Porcupine (from the Modern Times scene)
              -Raccoon (from the Old South scene)
              -the Swamp Boys crocodile trio (from the Old South scene)
              -Donkey (from the Old South scene)
              -Fox (from "A Tisket, A Tasket" and "Boo Hoo")
              -2 Cats (from "A Tisket, A Tasket" and "Boo Hoo")
              -Wolf (from "A Tisket, A Tasket" and "Boo Hoo")
              -Another Goose
              -3 can-can Chickens (from the Gay 90's scene)
              -Hens (from "Down by the Riverside")
              -Foxes (from "Down by the Riverside")
              -Piano-playing Pig (from "Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar")
              -Girl Pig (From "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey")
              -Dog (from "Home on the Range")
              -Coyote from the handcart (from "I've Been Working on the Railroad") This figure was modified to make him look like Brer Fox here in the final scene--I maybe wrong about this last one, though
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                did that blue stork from the "joy to the world" scene make it to splash mountain?


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                  Originally posted by matterhornmaniac
                  did that blue stork from the "joy to the world" scene make it to splash mountain?


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                    The bigger question is who didnt make it to Splash Mountain? I know none of the the owl and eagle main characters of the show didnt make it.
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                      Don't forget about the one goose that went into Star Tours.
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                        two geese went to Star Tours. What about the frog laying on an aligator in the "how do you do" scene? Is that the same frog that played guitar with the stork?


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                          Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
                          What about the frog laying on an aligator in the "how do you do" scene? Is that the same frog that played guitar with the stork?
                          I'm afraid not.

                          As for America Sings characters that didn't make it to Splash Mountain...

                          In a Splash opening artwork poster that I own, called "The Laughin' Place", I spotted at least 3 animal characters that aren't in the ride:

                          -a gray dog on a geyser
                          -a white horse sitting in a geyser hole
                          -a pig standing on a turtle shell on one foot balancing honey hives in his hands

                          I'm guessing that those characters are supposed to be:

                          -Dog (from "Who Shot the Hole in My Sombrero")
                          -the Old Gray Mare (from the Gay 90's scene) now a male
                          -Pig (from the final segment of the Gay 90s scene)

                          It seems that those 3 AS characters were going to be in Splash, but either didn't get installed in the attraction at all or got installed in the attraction but got taken out of it a short while after it opened.

                          If they were ever in the ride, I hope that those figures get re-installed in the attraction sometime in the future.
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                            Is it possible to scan that poster, or take a picture of it and scan it? I think I might have seen a similar picture online that ill look for.


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                              BTW this site has alot of neat information about splash mountain:


                              For example:

                              "Splash Mountain originally opened with a slightly different soundtrack and theme than currently plays at the attraction. Most notable is the complete change of a song just before the long ride to the top of the flume. What was originally somewhat of a hopeful "Sooner or later Brer Rabbit is gonna come home..." being sung by mama Rabbit and Possum is now a more forboding warning of a song to their children. I originally noted the song being sung here because of the ride breaking down and our log getting stuck in this area (when you hear it 20+ times, you start to remember the melody..), and on a return visit the changes were apparent. " Anyone have a recording ?


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                                Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
                                Anyone have a recording ?
                                Actually, I have a recording of it. It's not the best quality, but if you want I can record that particular part for you. ^^ But, as much as I like it, I think the more forboding song turned out a lot better for that area. hehe ^^;


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