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We broke down in IJA


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  • We broke down in IJA

    I've always wanted to breakdown on a ride. Well it finally happened. We broke on Indy. We didnt get escorted out though. They turned on dim lighting and we just sat. Then we would move a few feet and stop. Then a few more feet and stop. So I started snapping pictures as much as I could. Didn't get to see much except black walls. I guess lots of stuff was visually turned off, but the sound kept playing. We got to stop at the rolling ball far a bit. But wouldn't you know it...I was waiting for my digi cam flash to reset and it finally did when we started moving. I shot the pic but haven't looked at all the pics yet.

    The old looking stuff (straw looking) stuff is indeed yellow straw looking stuff.

    We stopped in the dart room for a bit. It wasn't anything more than what you see driving through it. It was fun getting blasted with darts (ha ha) while we were stopped there.
    Gawrsh !!

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    Re: We broke down in IJA

    We stopped in Pirates one night just before the ramp up at the end of the ride. We were there for 45 minutes. Finally, they finally walked us out through a door and a passageway in the castmember area and gave us a pass good for the front of the line to any ride. As it turned out, the pass was never collected, and we had front lines for any ride the rest of the night. We rode the Matterhorn several times.


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      Re: We broke down in IJA

      I stopped in Dinosaur last was interesting because the dinos kept moving. ) Thats kinda like breaking down on Indy.


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        Re: We broke down in IJA

        This is funny:

        When it first opened I went with two friends from High School for spring break. If you weren't a kid they were loading you wherever you fit in the car so I got separated from my friends and was in a car with a family from Asia and a family from the south (african american). I sat next to the grandma in the the back - she was a nice woman but very big, dressed in a mumu and had those jowley arms that flapped around.

        The Asian family in the front is having a blast and it was fun to hear their expression of excitement in their native language. We go through the ride and grandma is freaking out. In the bug room - she really loses it and is yelling "da spida's on me, da spida's on me!!!!" and her arm fat is smacking me in the face as she tried to get the "spiders" off her.

        Its great until we hit the ball. Our car stops and I think its just doing that thing where is fakes dying and then restarts and peels out just in time. No, it stops and the ball is just rolling and indy is just swinging away above our heads. Sala's voice comes on and tells us to chill why the "spirits" are realigned etc. We sit for a while in silence. Nobody really speaks the same language - the 4 people from the family up front expecially. Its like a long time before Sala comes on again. Then finally a real voice says "hang tight we're coming to get you out".

        We're all just sitting there. Grandma is freaking out because she thinks she trapped. The family in front is having a conversation that sounds like they don't know what's going on. And people don't even know i'm there because i'm in the last seat in the back hidden behind grandma.

        So after a while of staring at the rolling ball I start whistling "hi ho" quietly, I don't know why. It takes! After a while someone else does it and then we're all doing it and then we all start singing it loudly and enthusiastically. "Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go...."

        They evacuated people from the beggining to the end. All of a sudden a few cast members and a couple hundred people come up on us including my friends and we're all still singing and we all stop and pretend we didn't just have a weird moment. My friends never let me live this down - I'll never forget their face, it was like they came upon the Donner Party at dinner time.

        The other funny part is they put us in the exit cue while they reset the thing and it took a while. All the kids in the real line are getting restless so a guy I made friends with in line turns around and says to me really loud " I can't believe you broke the ride man, that's so not cool" !!!! All of a sudden every eye was on me, 50 kids all glaring and staring and with complete hatred while this guy laughed is *** off.

        We got back on and had a great run.

        PS I 'm not racist - The descriptions kinda make the story and are out of love for our diversity.


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