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Finding Nemo's Sub Idea


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  • Finding Nemo's Sub Idea

    I think it would be cool if they started the attraction with the original speel and then after awhile cut into hearing marlin, dori, and nemo talking and then from their taking u through the ride. I mean Disney Imagineers love to leave some kind of nostalgic thing from the previous attraction in their, and i think it would be a pretty cool transition from new to old. I have questions though,
    Does anyone know what the working title to the ride is? Are the same elements from the original ride still in it a.l.a. mermaids? Same yellow subs?

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    that sounds really great lets make a petition!!!
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      The subs are going under a refurb since they're probably all water-logged and gross as heck from being the show room for that long.

      For more info read this!
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        The secret "tip of the hat" wont be hard to spot on this ride in 2006-7 The smiley sea dragon ending is rumored to stay, so I think that is the coolest heads up In any park.


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