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The cost of Disneyland hotels- Are they worth the price?


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  • The cost of Disneyland hotels- Are they worth the price?

    I just bought my tickets from AAA and the cost of one night at the Disneyland hotel is crazy!!!!! I almost passed out in my chair. I immediately said no to the Grand Californian hotel because of the cost. The travel agent said staying at any of the Disneyland resort hotels is better because of all the extra services the hotels provide. I thought the travel agent was vague when I asked her to describe what extra services the Disneyland resort hotels provide that other hotels in the area cannot.

    Other than being located right next to the park, is it worth paying the extra money to stay at a Disneyland resort hotel? Does anyone know what extra services the Disneyland hotels provide.
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    Atmosphere and great service....the pool at DLH is worth it, that is if you have kids. Very pricey right now because of the 50th and being close to the parks can be an advantage during this time. And I know a few Micechatters (along with myself) that love the Lost Bar. But of course you can visit that without staying at the Hotel. Another little perk is that you can have any of your Disneyland Resort purchases delivered to your room. I found both the Grand Californian and the Disneyland Hotel worth the price, but it all depends on how much you have to spend for your total vacation. A lot of the Hotels/Motels in and around the DLR are nice also and lot less expensive. Whatever you do, you will have a GREAT time!
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      Well, the obvious answer is going to be the ability to send packages directly to your room, and charging things to your room bill.

      The AAA packages for park hotels are substantially discounted from the direct packages. You also get some other perks, like an early DL entry, an entry to the Toontown madness, and the unlimited fastpass feature (for more on that, see Darkbeer's excellent thread on the topic on this board.)

      You also get great service and the Disney experience. The good Disney experience, that is.

      We go next month, and the overriding decision to stay at GCH was it's proximity to the parks. My wife is not a ride warrior, and as such, wanted to be able to get to our room for a break if she wants or needs to.

      Otherwise, we'd stay at one of the two Marriott Courtyards, either in Buena Park or Cypress.

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        A few years back, my friends who had annual passes realized they get discounted room rates on the Disney properties so we 'splurged' and stayed there (I don't remember the rate). I think it turns out that the AP discount puts the parks in a similar price range to neighboring hotels, depending on the season.

        Since then, I have myself become an AP holder and I always stay at one of the Disney Hotels (usually the classic Disneyland Hotel). Yes, it's worth it.

        Perhaps others can elaborate on the 'perks' they use offered by the park hotels?
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          Well, I have stayed at GCH and DLH in my life and I have to say they are not worth full price. If you can get a deal, stay there, if not, save the money and spend it at DL. The Disneyland Hotel is nice but so far off the beaten track now that it just doesn't justify the cost. Sure it is a Disney hotel but that can only go so far. The GC is nice and the rooms are beautiful but I think that they are overpriced for what you get. We stayed in a room that looked over DCA and it was your typical hotel room, nothing special.

          We used to stay at the Desert Palm across the street (before me moved to SoCal) and they were always decent rooms. The Fairfield Inn is good too. Unless you want to say you stayed at a DL hotel I would say save your money and stay across the street.

          My $0.02

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            I'll have to repeat what others have said...

            What is it about DL hotels that makes it worth it?

            Have your packages delivered right to your room and not have to carry them around all day.
            Mickey wake up calls.
            "Private" entrance into DCA.
            Stay for several days and get an early entrance into Fantasyland.
            Free Parking.
            Very easy to go back to your room for a rest.
            Best of all, being in the middle of it all.

            I've said before that staying on-site is wonderful IF you can afford it. There are some pretty nice hotels in the area that are much less expensive. We chose to stay on-site this time, but only because we booked the "stay 3 nights get the 4th night free" deal.

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              No! I have been in the GC rooms and they are the same size as a Hotel 6 for three time the $$$. The best is the Pacific. The rooms I have been in were large and close. They closed the private entrance to DCA though. The Disneyland Hotel has no transportation for guest! So you walk. Which brings to mind a notion I've had for some time. DL wants you to get sore feet so you'll return. "Dang Margie!" I ran outa feet before we ran out of Park!" Let's lock up the double wide and go back!"


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                The Major Drawbacks of staying at a Disney owned hotel in Anaheim...

                The PRICE

                The lack of shuttle service... many hotels that are closer to the Main Entry Plaza offer the service, but Disney refuses to offer ther service, even though the Paradise Pier hotel is about the same distance as the HoJo's or the Candy Cane Inn.

                The fact that many other hotels offer free breakfast, or sometimes happy hour and/or dinner.

                Some places offer a kitchenette and fridge, along with pots and pans, which could save a family a LOT of money in meals....

                Most hotels do not charge a resort fee, unlike Disney's $12 a day fee.

                For these reasons, I prefer to stay off-property......
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                  To this I have to say, is it worth it to YOU? We have made a tradition of spending 2-3 nights at the GC at the end of summer, just laying around by the pool, going in and out of the parks, all that, and have always had a great time. A perfect way to cruise right into autumn! We are by no means wealthy, and do have to budget in order to afford this, but it really is worth it to us for the atmosphere, the thrills the kids get over being there, proximity to all kinds of services, shopping, and places to eat. We really like the experience, so, despite the admittedly high price, it's worth it to our family.


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                    I am one of the ones that says it is worth it! My personal favorite is the classic DLH. I love feeling like you never left the park. Having packages delivered, early entry at DL (depends on package), great pools and waterslides, watching the fireworks from the pool at PPH or your balcony at GC and DLH, glowing pixie dust wallpaper at DLH, mickey wake up calls, easy to go back to room to rest or change wet clothes, early entry into CA for Soarin', and great service! Also, since you are buying through AAA - if you stay onsite, you get the enhanced fastpass feature. I don't feel like the walk is long - even to PPH or DLH. I enjoy walking through DTD. We also always bring food for breakfast and lunch and put it in the small frig in the rooms which helps with the cost.
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                      I have stayed both on and off site. The best part about staying in a Resort hotel is the "feel" everyone mentions and the fact that there are no shuttles or pkg. structures to deal w/. However, in order for my family of six to do that, we have to "smuggle" an extra family member in; which has never been an issue thus far. Small rooms for six people though. We REALLY like Embassy Suites South, but they don't seem to offer the "fourth night free" deal anymore and charge for shuttle now. An included hot breakfast and free cocktails Mon thru Fri rock!
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                        I just stay at my house, a mile from disneyland. And take the bus to the park..... total cost...... 2 bucks

                        top that

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                          Originally posted by DemonicDemona
                          I just stay at my house, a mile from disneyland. And take the bus to the park..... total cost...... 2 bucks

                          top that

                          ha HA! lol
                          you....californian! :lol:

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                            I definitely think that it's worth it. I've stayed at the Grand Californian and I LOVED it. We had a theme park view room and every morning we ate our breakfast out on our balcony watching the sun rise over DCA. It was incredibly beautiful and one of my most favorite memories. I think it really depends on the person though... I'm one of those people who when I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation and I would like to be completely spoiled and taken care of. The GC definitely fit the bill for me in that way... I'll be staying there on my next trip (November) as well.


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                              We've stayed at the DL Hotel on all of our trips for the past 3-4 years. Well worth it to us. We usually are there for three, one week trips a year. Excellent service, no shuttles or their schedules to worry about (we like to hang out in Downtown Disney after the Parks close) Most off-site shuttles stop after the Park closes for the evening, whiich leaves you stranded there if you miss the last one.

                              We always get the AP rates of $79-$119 a night. At that price, we don't look elsewhere.

                              We just stayed there for the week in mid-March for $109/night. We have reservations for early June, $109 and $119/night (2 out of the six nights).

                              We've stayed at the GCH which is a beautiful place, but we prefer (and get) a room in the Sierra Tower which overlooks DD and we can see the fireworks from our balcony. Much larger room than the GC and a lot less $$$. Plus the kids prefer the Neverland Pool over the one at the GCH.

                              Wherever you stay, enjoy your trip.


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                                I'm quickly becoming a fan of the Park Inn Hotel across the street from DL on Harbor Blvd. Not only are the rooms bigger than the ones at the DL Hotel, the hotel is closer to the main entrance (esplanade) to the theme parks and the rates are at least 50% less than what's offered at the DL Hotels. Servce at the Dl Hotel is not that good. Last time I stayed at a DL Hotel they couldn't even give me a pair of scissors to cut a paper. Unless you have some special reason for wanting a DL Hotel room, I say screw it & stay at a neighboring hotel.


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                                  Originally posted by Momzilla59
                                  you....californian! :lol:
                                  Or they could stay at my house and I can just drive them with me as I go to work every day! Top THAT!

                                  As for the Hotels, I really feel they aren't worth it. I have said this before, but I highly recommend The Anabella The rooms are big, clean, luxurious and beautiful. The restaurant, services, pools and grounds are top notch and it's basically the same distance as the Paradise Pier Hotel. Actually you can walk to the Lion King Tram (or so I am told) and that's even closer! All this and it's a fraction of the price.
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                                    I don't think it's as "worth it" as staying at WDW's resorts, where you get early and extended hours to the parks, package delivery, unique theming and location. Staying off site at WDW is just plain inconvenient! I haven't been to DL in years, but from what I've been reading is that anyone with a multi-day pass can get early entry and some of the off site hotels are closer than the Disney owned ones.


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                                      Originally posted by Evil Minion
                                      Servce at the Dl Hotel is not that good. Last time I stayed at a DL Hotel they couldn't even give me a pair of scissors to cut a paper.
                                      Though we have never asked for scissors at the Hotel, we have asked for (and received) a refrigerator (before they had them), microwave, extra fold out bed, Q-tips, late check outs and numerous rides to the entrance on their golf carts without any extra charge (we tipped, of course).

                                      We have been very happy with their service. Especially last Thanksgiving when we had to use a wheelchair. They bent over backwards to make sure that we were well taken care of and went above and beyond the call of duty.

                                      Maybe since we are regulars there, it might make a difference, but I don't ever recall any poor/bad service.

                                      We don't mind the short walk to the Monorail station for entry to the Park. It beats fighting the crowds at the shuttle station and we can come and go when we please, rather than follow their schedule.

                                      We know that the Resort isn't for everyone, but we enjoy it and it has become part of the Disney magic for our family. If we just slept and showered in the room and then left for the day it would be a different story, but the Hotel is just as much a part of our trip as the Parks are. The whole experience.

                                      And for what we have paid for the DL Hotel, (we aren't related to the Rockefellers) we feel that it is very well worth it. I would probably feel different if we had to pay $150 on up, but that is not the case. We make our reservations early and plan ahead, so we can get the rates that we are happy with.


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                                        For me, I was in Anaheim to go to Disneyland. Everytime I consider hotel rooms, I always remember advice my dad gave me when we were on a golf vacation..."a hotel room is just a place to sleep". I think that mostly holds true. When I'm in Anaheim, I'm spending my time at Disneyland or DCA. While I don't want to stay in a place with poo on the walls or a fire alarm in shambles, really, a hotel room is a place to sleep or get some down time. Now, if you're spending a lot of time in Anaheim, it may be worth your while to stay with Disney. But on my last vacation, I didn't and I thought the hotel we stayed at (about 6 blocks from DL) was very nice.
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