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The cost of Disneyland hotels- Are they worth the price?


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    Originally posted by Niyxstyx
    But on my last vacation, I didn't and I thought the hotel we stayed at (about 6 blocks from DL) was very nice.
    So, the last time, did you just walk to the parks and back the six blocks each way, or did you drive and park at Mickey and Friends, or did your hotel have a shuttle (or was it served by one of the other shuttles)?

    If my wife or I needed to take a break, I'm going to be a lot less inclined to walk all the way out of the park, take a tram to a shuttle or to the car, make our way back to the hotel, wherever it is, and then reverse the process when we want to go back. I know "us". We'd not get back to the park once we left, and our time there is too precious not to spend doing everything in the parks that we can.

    Which was a big deciding factor in GCH for us. It's a lot quicker to just walk across the Esplanade from DL (or just up to the entrance at GCH) and back than, as far as we can tell, any other method.


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      That brings up a good point.

      We have never been one to go to the Park, go back to the room and then go back to the Park. When we go, we're there til closing. We might not be the first ones in the Park in the morning, but we stay until closing or if we need to leave to get to Goofy's Kitchen for dinner.

      Years ago, we stayed at the Marriott and one morning we got to the Park and realized that we forgot our camera in the room. I decided to go back to get it. I waited for the shuttle, took it back to the Marriott, got the camera, waited for the next shuttle, then returned to the Park. Once we finally got back together, it was almost an hour and a half later. If we had been staying at the resort, that wasted time would have been cut down to about a half an hour.

      Actually, I should have just bought a disposable camera and been done with it, but that is another story...

      Anyway, for folks that like to go back and forth from the hotel to the Park, it is a lot more convenient staying on property. Another good reason.

      Thanks Wotan.


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        ^Remember, that many hotels on Harbor are closer to the Main Entry Plaza than the Disneyland Hotel, and that hotles like HoJo's and Candy Cane Inn are the same distance as the PPH.

        If you want to be close to the main entrance, it is the hotels on Harbor (between Katella and Ball) or the GCH.
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          which hotels on Harbor are closest to the main gate? Closer that is than DLH.


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            Here is a aerial photo with hotels labeled on it...


            The two closest are the Park Vue, and the Park Place Inn, about a 1/3 of the distance as from the DLH, and about the same distance as the GCH.
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              Unless you figure in the Monorail Station, which we always use. Never a line and since we have AP's, no need for the ticket sales booth which they closed this past fall anyway. (Also helps keep the line/waiting to a minimum).


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                Originally posted by Darkbeer
                The Major Drawbacks of staying at a Disney owned hotel in Anaheim...

                The PRICE
                Cheap Hotel Rooms....
                That is one thing that made us DLR converts. One trip south we were Very broke and (without the help of the internet- 1986) found a Very cheap motel, just a quick drive from DL. It was probably the worst motel experience in my life.* I woke up at 3 am with Hubby standing with a shoe in his hand. Apparently something had ran across his face, waking him. We turned on the lights and holy moses you would have thought we were in the middle of the Roach Motel. I took our son and slept in the car the rest of the night. Needless to say, the next day's Disney jaunt was less than jolly. I realized there is such a thing as "too cheap". If you are only going to be sleeping in your room, it's very nice to have a room Worth sleeping in. This wasn't a Good Neighbor hotel, it was a bit further off the beaten track than that. We did stay at the Jolly Roger motel, and despite other negative reviews, found it to be a Nice cheap room - minus the roaches.
                Caveat Emptor!

                *I would have to say the worst motel experience I've ever had was staying in a motel that had been converted from someone's house. We had the lovely Garage suite, complete with rugs over concrete. Oh yes, there was also a 24 hour party going on in the room next to us. I have learned my "don't be Tooo frugal" lesson THOROUGHLY!

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                  Originally posted by Evil Minion
                  I'm quickly becoming a fan of the Park Inn Hotel across the street from DL on Harbor Blvd. Not only are the rooms bigger than the ones at the DL Hotel, the hotel is closer to the main entrance (esplanade) to the theme parks and the rates are at least 50% less than what's offered at the DL Hotels. Servce at the Dl Hotel is not that good. Last time I stayed at a DL Hotel they couldn't even give me a pair of scissors to cut a paper. Unless you have some special reason for wanting a DL Hotel room, I say screw it & stay at a neighboring hotel.
                  Thats good to hear. We are staying there this time around. The last two times we've stayed at the park vue inn never again. When we move next summer we are going to try ant stay at the dlh. Scince it will be are last trip there for awhile.


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