After twice rejecting a proposed contract, skilled workers at the Disneyland Resort accepted the company's "best, last and final offer" on Thursday.

Roughly 70 percent of union members approved the contract, said Jim Berkey, a union official involved in the negotiations.

The Craft Maintenance Council, which represents 13 unions and approximately 950 workers, approved a five-year contract that includes wage increases of 3 percent the first three years and 3.5 percent in the last two years.

The deal gives workers one new paid holiday, for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and makes them subject to random drug testing beginning in October.

Workers in the Craft Maintenance Council include electricians, plumbers and maintenance staff who are responsible for the upkeep and safe operation of Disney attractions.

The Web site had also warned workers that they could be "subject to permanent replacement" if they reject the final company offer.