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  • Character meals/meal packages

    I am planning our trip for August (yay!) and I have been looking at the different meal packages offered by booking through the resort. We usually eat off property or at the cheaper places in the park, but the meal packages look pretty reasonable. Has anyone used them before? I am also wondering about the character meals since a breakfast and lunch are part of the package. How does this work- is there a selection to choose from? Which ones would you recommend doing?
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    I've used the meal packages before--they work fine. They have a lot of food at the character meals to choose from, and I would recommend Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel (has Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, etc) and if you like the Pooh characters, there is a nice breakfast inside the Plaza Inn in Disneyland. Storyteller's over at the Grand Californian has a nice breakfast w/ Chip 'n' Dale. All of those are sure bets If you get a breakfast and lunch, go w/ lunch at Goofy's Kitchen and breakfast at one of the other two, depending on which characters you prefer.
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      The Plaza Inn no longer has Winnie the Pooh & Friends,they have switched it over to a Princess buffet. We have done this and if you have kids who loooooooovvvvveee the Princess' this would be great. There is alot of interaction with the characters. When we went we say Belle & Beast, Jasmine & Aladdin, Snow White,Mulan,Mary Poppins and Aurora's Fairy Godmother. They all sat with us and talked to our 4 year old for a good amount of time,and they go to every table.Well worth the money for the interacation the food is another reason,our daughter barely eat anything becuase she was so busy with the Princess'.


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        I went to Goofy's Kitchen breakfast for my eighteenth. It was fun, but I felt like I was neglected because I was eighteen and not.. four. There's a TON of food, too much, I thought, but then again, I'm not one to eat a HUGE breakfast. But the experience was really made when this kid totally ralphed all over the entrance as we were leaving.


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          And as far as cheap eats in the park go, I always enthusiastically recommend the Pizza Port. My friend and I usually split two entrees and a garlic bread and are good for most of the day, with a cheap snack later on. It's about $20.
          Last time my mom and I actually spent more on our off-Disney meal than our onsite ones.


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            Goofys kitchen is more is great if you have kids with you the food is good and bountiful. Storytellers food is also great but less interaction with characters for the kiddies. Good selection but now P&J pizza more adult fare


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