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Adventures Through Inner Space vs. Star Tours


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    Granted, I'm one of only a small minority of people who can't go on Star Tours because of motion sickness (Star Trek in Vegas:same thing) and thus have no real feelings about it one way or the other, but I really loved and miss ATIS. For others of you who miss it too, check out this site I just discovered: a virtual tour of the ride has been reconstructed.
    Way cool!!!

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      Yeah... The merits of Star Tours and ATIS will always be debatable. What isn't debatable is that many other Tomorrowland locations would close within a few years of Star Tours' opening anyway, so we could have gotten rid of Mission to Mars instead, or maybe found some more important purpose for the Carousel Theater than office space. Maybe Magic Eye could have hosted Star Tours, and we could have gotten a 3-D Circlevision "Captain EO."

      But I guess in Eisner's world, people don't want so many rides to go on in an amusement park.
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