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  • Grand Californian Question

    If anyone can help me on this I would greatly appreciate it. We have never stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel before. Later this year we are going to do so and prior to making reservations I wondered if anyone could help me in what I should ask for in room type and location. We need a room for 4 people (two children, two adults) non-smoking.

    We would like to have a Park View and a room with concierge services. We have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and were in the Sierra Tower with a park view and it was very nice. We also had the concierge services there and the lounge/food service was very good.

    What are your recommendations? Any help appreciated!



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    My understanding is that some of the non-park view rooms can be really noisy, between music piped into DTD, and the crowds, and the sound of the trams going back and forth.

    The park views can offer some great views, and sunrise over the park is a spectacular thing to see.

    In the concierge rooms, you don't have to walk as far down the hallways, some of which are claustrophobic.

    I think you can request bunk beds for any room, whether a king or a double queen (presuming you're not getting one of the suites).


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      Get the suite , I love the Grand Ca but I always felt that the rooms were a bit small . Themed well and luxurious but a tad small.


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        We have stayed at the GC in both a concierge suite and DTD view room. Staying in a concierge room does not guarantee a shorter walk - in fact, ours was at the furthest end of the hallway away from the elevators - we thought we were going to have to use breadcrumbs to find our way back! However, it was a great room and we loved the DTD view. With the balcony door closed, we never heard the noise from DTD and both times we were over the WOD store. Wotan is right, you can get bunk beds at the GC - depending on the ages of your kids they will love them and with bunk beds, you get a little more space because yes, the GC rooms are smaller than the other Disney hotel rooms.

        GC concierge (or Craftsman Level as they call it!) is much nicer than DLH. The Craftsman lounge is about twice as big as the one at DLH and is a great place to watch the fireworks!


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          IMHO, unless you are independently wealthy, skip the whole concierge service. I stayed there for four days, and it was such a huge waste of money, I still regret it. All you get is a tired breakfast cereal and muffin selection, and juice and cookies throughout the day. Don't get me wrong, it is nice, but not for the money you are paying. Also, they have the wine and cheese at night, but that is held during the prime time hours that you would rather be at the resort anyway. I clearly recall being in line for Indy and thinking, "Damn! This is the time that I could be eating my $500 worth of cheese and wine....."

          As for the other services, they are offered to most guests, the priority seating, nice service, etc. All I am saying is think about it, and really look at how much extra it will be per day. Chances are good that you can put that money to use for extra goodies for your kids, etc.

          Most of all, have a great time!


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            Originally posted by Wotan
            My understanding is that some of the non-park view rooms can be really noisy, between music piped into DTD, and the crowds, and the sound of the trams going back and forth.
            I found the Park View rooms to be the noisiest - especially when DCA is open later. That darned Paradise Pier music seems to sneek through and irritate the heck out of me.

            Otherwise, the windows are very well insulated. I never heard a peep from DTD and I was right over the entrance to WOD. I've also stayed in a room overlooking the main entrance and didn't hear anything unless I had the slider open.

            Most of the rooms I've stayed in have had 2 queen beds, but I've never stayed concierge (I find it is not usually worth it). The rooms are a bit smaller than the DL Hotel, but the atmosphere is wonderful. Take a free tour of the hotel if you can (ask at the concierge desk).


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              Park view GRR side- simply amazing! Nuff said.


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                I usually get the Pool view. You can still see a bit of the Pier and a bit of the Challenge trail area.
                I want my cake back!


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                  We stayed in a resort view room right over the private entrance to the DCA and LOVED it. We didn't find it noisy at all - we were quite amazed at how quiet it was. It was definitely worth the money in my eyes....

                  In fact, when we go back later this year, we're going to be requesting the same room because we loved it so much!


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