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Once Aladdin Musical hits the chopping block... what are your ideas to fill its spot?


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    I would suggest the Little Mermaid show from TDS.... It's amazing.
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      Little Mermaid, Hercules, Hunchback, Beauty and the Beast, even Mulan.
      If it is done as well as Aladdin, I am sure it would be enjoyable.
      As for the ballet, I think if they were done as temporary special event shows from time to time they could be very succsesful. The long running shows must appeal to a much more diverse audience.
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        Originally posted by Gwyren
        Now that this is out inthe open - I bet we should expect it.
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          That's cool!

          Originally posted by merlinjones
          This would be better for Fantasyland than DCA, but I've always thought a 20 minute "Sleeping Beauty Ballet" adapted from the Tchaikovsy ballet via the Disney storyline and characters (as the music was used in the film), done entirely in ballet/pantomime, would be sublime... and a great classical dance primer for families/kids.

          And with no dialogue, they won't have to insult us with politically correct, patronizing revisonism. They can focus on spectacle and beauty.
          I think this is on the right track. Something bigger on artistic value and less on pure commercialism.


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            I think it would be hard to replace Aladdin since it is so well rounded. Lots of comedy, romance, action, etc... A replacement show would have to include all of these aspects in order to keep a theme park crowd entertained. At least that's my opinion.


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              I think a Hercules show could be good.
              Lion king would be good but I would rather have original not taken from acual Broadway.
              The same for BATB
              Little Mermaid would also be good.

              The reason it should stay a Disney movie is that kids would rather see a show that they know the characters than a show with unknown people to them.


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                Originally posted by VWSpawn
                I think it would be hard to replace Aladdin since it is so well rounded. Lots of comedy, romance, action, etc... A replacement show would have to include all of these aspects in order to keep a theme park crowd entertained. At least that's my opinion.
                Which for the most part Hercules does have. It even has the ability to have contemporary pop culture built in as was done in the film with Air Hercs, Herculade, etc. I'm just not sure how beating monsters aspect of the film would be carried out...
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                With all this talk of "off the shelf" and "on the back-burner" it seems the only thing that DCA is really missing is the kitchen sink!

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                  At Christmas, I would love to see a short adaptation of Disney's version of Babes in Toyland on stage. They could bring it back every year. Could have some great spectacle with the oversized toys and battles...


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                    My Ideas.

                    once a year do a LARGE magic music days type festival with college, high school, jr high bands from all over performing in the theatre. (a great oportunity for kids and increased park sales from parents entering the parks). but like i said only once a year. A theatre that big would be amazing to perform/see performances in.

                    I like the bigger style broadway shows twice or mabe 3 times a day.


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                      The original idea for the theater was to have a day show and then a different night show. Lke what they have now during the day and a brodway show at night with a special tic. it would be pay for the show and for $25 you could get the park for the day or the other way around and the show would start later and when it let out the park would be closed. But before this could happen they would have to build the loby and restrooms. Whithout restrooms the show could only be no more than 45 min. in leangth. the theatre is able to hold two full sized brodway shows in it and is one of the most advansed theatres anywhere.


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                        I've Got It!!!

                        how about a NEWSIES amazing would that be to see live onstage. the only problem is that Newsies bombed at the Box Office, so no one will know what it is. however, it could get people interested and get a whole new following and start selling merchandise again...i just want it to happen so i can audtion and be Racetrack...hahaha...

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                          As long as they put something in there that is not a highly watered down version of a musical, anything will be fine with me. I saw the show for the first time and the only redeeming things I found in it was a joke by Genie about Iago being "A Tiki Room Reject" (why was I the only one in a packed audience that got that joke?) and the sets.

                          Yeah, some of the stuff was cool, but it could have been better. There were good parts, but nothing too memorable.

                          Are the Genie's jokes always that tacky? Is it writing or ad lib?
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                            I personally LOVED the Newsies and think it would be very entertaining to see live. I would have said lets see Mary Poppins there, but I read a terrible review of it, so I am not so excited to see it anymore. So yes, a stage adaption of Newsies would be perfect
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                              I've had many daydreams about a Newsies musical!
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                                Topless revue! Haha just kidding. Don't you dare take that seriously. I remember a few years ago i went on the DIsney Cruise, and they had a show that featured a bunch of Disney characters. It was calledl ike..."Dreams" or something... it was an amazing show. But it was just on that "small" stage on a ship. I bet they could take it (or something similar) and amke it crazy spectacular in the Hyperion Theater! ....just my 2 cents.

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                                  I've always wanted to see Alice in Wonderland done with live actors. That movie has so much variety, that even the little kids who get bored easily would stay alert. Sure, it's not really a movie known for it's music, but I think it'd be interesting.


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                                    I think nearly all of the animated musicals have all the elements Aladdin had.
                                    There are several that would work the same way.
                                    I do like the ballet idea, I just think they would have to use it only part of the time. Wouldn't it be nice if they had two shows taking turns?
                                    I realize that wouldn't happen budget wise...
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