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Mouseketeers...The Originals!


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  • Mouseketeers...The Originals!

    Now granted, I wasn't around when the original Mouseketeers were introduced in 1955 (I'm not THAT old ), but I still remember seeing reruns of the show on TV and now I have them on video.

    Between the originals, the 70's version and 90's, the originals are (and always will be) the best!! And I was just wondering if anyone has heard if Disney is planning to reunite as many of the originals for a TV special or perhaps right inside Disneyland during *their* 50th anniversary? I believe they deserve some sort of special treatment for what they gave to Disney and all the Disney fans! :bow:

    Roll Call...

    Jimmie's time to meet the Mouseketeers!!!!

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    Aw.. I loved the Mickey Mouse Club! Of course, since I'm only 19, I also watched the reincarnated version called the "MMC". It's sort of insane how many stars out there were on the MMC in the early 90s... lol...
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      That would really be wonderful! I so enjoyed seeing 5 or so of them together on "The Walt Disney Treasures- The Mickey Mouse Club" DVDs. I really wished more of them had gotten together for the occasion. I'd love to know more about them and their experiences on the set of MMC. As far as the Treasure series goes, I am hoping for another one! I want to know what more happened with the airline kids! Time for a "Complete First Season MMC"!! Among other things of course.


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        I second that up above. Get the Mickey Mouse Club Treasure DVD set asap!!

        I went to see the Original Mouseketeers Reunion show at Disneyland's Videopolis Stage (Now the Fantasyland Theater) back in the late 80's and had a blast seeing Bobby, Lonnie, Annette, Don and few others performing live on stage several times. It was one of those memorable moments I will never forget. Disneyland has made my life so much more enjoyable!!!


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          I hate to be the bearer of bad news but some of the Mouseketeers have unfortunately passed on.

          Mouseketeer "Jimmie" Dodd passed away at age 54 on November 10, 1964, in Honolulu, Hawaii from cancer.

          Mouseketeer "Roy" Williams passed away at the age of 69 on November 7, 1976.

          He was known to the public as the huge Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club." Before putting on the Mouse Ears, he had been an employee of Walt Disney for almost a quarter century. He started in the Animation Department as an inbetweener and then moved up to animator and then story and gag man.

          I'm all for some kind of reunion though with all the remaining cast members and they could maybe do a tribute or do something special in spirit for Jimmie and Roy.

          Here's some trivia about the Mouseketeers:

          Annette Funicello has stated in interviews that, upon being cast for the show, she told Walt Disney that she wanted to change her last name to one that sounded more "American". To his credit, Disney told her to keep her original last name because, "once someone remembers it, they will never be able to forget it".'

          Although the show was filmed and broadcast in black and white, all of the animated segments - the opening theme, Mickey's introductions and farewells, the Jiminy Cricket shorts, etc. - were filmed in color.

          It was in the animated inserts for the Mickey Mouse Club where Walt Disney voices Mickey Mouse for the last time.


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            We have been watching those extras on the dvd set, haven't we?


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