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GOING to DL next year - need some advice


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  • GOING to DL next year - need some advice

    I grew up in Florida, and have been to WDW over one hundred times (no exaggeration), and i'm an AP there. I know the place like the back of my hand. Great fun! My brother works for a (former) Disney Animator, and I got to meet several Disney guys - ony of whom gave me his original animation sheet from Pocahantus!

    I have only been to the "original" DL 3 times, the last of which was 2003. I'm taking my wife next year (hope to mainly hit DL / CA, but also Knott's, Universal).

    I'm thinking about "off" season - how is January /February in terms of cost / weather / crowds? We'll definitely stay at the DL Hotel or Paradise pier for a few days.

    I've heard that California offers some combined tickets that include Disney /Knott's or the like.

    So... all you DL fans... any suggestions?


  • #2 should help some. I know there's another thread out there that I posted on last night about this, as well.

    January/February is wacky weather in CA, at least in the past couple of years. Expect torrential rain!

    Since it's off season (post-holiday), DL will have limited hours.
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      Here's that second thread:

      It's full of good ideas and tips! Check it out!
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        Most of my extended family go every Feb. for a week.
        They love it for no lines, and it is not hot.
        If you are not concerned with refurshment closures, and the park closing early, some of the shows, and no fireworks, then you should have a great time.
        I love long park hours, and everything running, so I don't go earlier than May.
        But the older I get, the less I can tolerate the heat and crowds, so I may start going then eventually.
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          The tickets you are thinking of is a CityPass and Disneyland sells them through their website- has admission to other attractions in the area.
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            We have been going to Disneyland about 4-6 times a year for about 11 years. In the past it seemed the "off season" was early November, early December and then the post New Years to end of Feb. period. Sometimes even into March.

            However, the past three years it has become more crowded in the November-December periods. Perhaps that is a result of increased marketing and special offers.

            In any event, we went this last Feb. for a week and it was cool but it only rained hard one day. The day it did rain however, it was VERY heavy wind driven rains. It actually rained so hard that the water came in under our Disneland Hotel Suite's sliding doors and soaked the rug about two feet into both the bedroom and living room!

            The Disneyland Hotel is nice, but I have friends who swear by the Paradise Pier hotel. The DL Hotel does seem to have larger rooms than either the Paradise and the Grand Californian (haven't stayed in the latter, but that's what I was recently advised by someone who has - you may want to call the hotel direct to make sure). The DL hotel is not inexpensive but it does have a nice "feel" to it. That is, the kids don't loose the "Disney feeling" due to the decor, the surroundings, the fantasy water show, the pools etc.

            The Concierge lounge staff at the DL hotel is very accommodating and have helped us with everything from special arrangements for other guests to the usual reservations and so on. Ditto to the front desk people who have always accommodated requested special needs.

            I hope you enjoy your stay. Someday we want to go back and visit WDW but by the time you price the airlines and the hotels etc. it seems to cost about 4x what Disneyland does.

            Good luck!



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