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Hours of AP Processing? (and other AP queries)


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  • Hours of AP Processing? (and other AP queries)

    I've finally decided (I think) to take the plunge and buy an AP, after years of swearing up and down that I wouldn't. Right now, we're looking at what day this weekend to go and get them. However, we're not sure how late we can arrive at the park and still upgrade our tickets to passes. What are the hours of the AP processing center? Are they the same as the hours of the park? For that matter, is it in DCA now?

    I guess I'm just unclear on the process in general - I've picked up the basics just hanging around here, but I'd appreciate a sort of unified step-by-step guide to going from regular schmoe at the ticket booth to AP god. Is there a password I should know? A weird handshake, maybe? Searches have turned up pieces of the puzzle but nothing complete as yet.

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    They moved AP processing to the old exit of Space Mountain (where the Starcade + SM meet), I think.

    The last time my boyfriend bought an AP, he just had to take his picture and they print the card out right there for you...
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      No secret handshake necessary.

      Just be sure and act like you own the place. You'll fit right in...

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        JUST KIDDING!!!!

        We have been AP's for going on 15 years now.

        Enjoy your new AP's. We sure do!

        No attitude here! Just Disney Fans.


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          Thanks for your help, but what I really want to know is how late in the afternoon I can get there and still get an AP. Is it open until park closing?


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            I got a PAP last month during spring break madness ... when I bought the tickets at the booth ... they said the center would open at 1pm b/c they would not be ready any earlier b/c of crowds ... it was the longest line we stood in that day, 1 hour, and it was around 3pm.


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              when we got ours it was around 8 or 9 at night,the lines are usually not as long and all we had to do was take our pics,then we got our cards right there.


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                It may have changed, but when I worked at the pass processing center we closed the doors at the "Disneyland is now closed" announcement. Even if that's stilll the case, though, don't wait til the last minute


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                  Originally posted by tabacco
                  It may have changed, but when I worked at the pass processing center we closed the doors at the "Disneyland is now closed" announcement. Even if that's stilll the case, though, don't wait til the last minute
                  What he or she said....except um, the part about working there. I once upgraded my passport to an AP about an hour before closing, and they were closing down behind me, so you don't want to wait too late in the day, but you also don't have to be there at 9 a.m. to get the same benefits.

                  Have fun!!!


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                    Thanks, I was going to post the same question.
                    Does this have to be done the first day you use it?
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                      Not necessarily, you can use your ticket voucher anyday! Even if your pass is not valid that day... except for May 4th of course!!!!!! :bow:

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                        I got it done over spring break except that I got there right as the park opened. There was nobody in Tomorrowland yet ... we got on and off of Buzz in five minutes and then hit AP processing. Five minutes only because it was my picture taker's first day and she messed up the first picture. I looked like quasimoto!! :devil: oh wait ... i always look like that!!
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