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Bring back the Escalators !!


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    Originally posted by Deogge's Mom
    I can handle the stationary ramps, but for some reason stationary escalators and I do not get along. They are very disorienting to me and cause dizziness and nausea. The escalators at the parking structure are already bad for people with problems with vertigo, add the disorienting feeling that many people get when they are stationary and you can see why people will flock to the elevators. I myself take the stairs up or down a level to an escalator that is working.
    You said it! My wife has the exact same problem!

    As for the SM escalators, I am more bothered by the back-alley-make-shift-basement feel of the current queue. They don't need a new escaltor there IMO, but they do need a more... um substantial entrance or something. Something to make it seem like you are getting on an E Ticket rather than than the back entrance to a COSTCO.

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      I have fond memory's of RUNNING down the moving ramp of Starcade as a kid. Man you could catch some SPEED on that sucker on the way down. The problem I found out quickly was that you HAD to slow down BEFORE the end of the ramp since your feet simply cant not go fast enough to support the speed over a non-moving floor.....

      Im glad they never put anything in front of the ramp. Maybe a padded wall, but I would of done a face plant into Ms Pacman if they did put something there.

      As for the escalators, there is a reason they were removed. It messed up the Q on crowded days. The escalators were only operational on very slow days, making them just a waist of money. On busy days the Q would back up onto the escalators. If they were on, that would create a very bad situation.

      One day I remeber a CM being staffed at the escalator, just turning it on and off when the Q would back up. Another day they staged "groups" in front of the escalator, and let them up once the Q cleared enough. All this created extra work, cost extra money, and made extra headakes. So they ripped them out.


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        Originally posted by Ian
        I'm not picking on you Dirton (heck, you're a fellow sac-town person), but how quintissentially American is this sentence these days? Woo hoo! Sendentary lifestyles!!!!

        Now seriously, I totally understand the escalators being turned off/removed/whatever. At my work building, they used to turn the escalators off on weekends. Cal-OSHA cited the company and told them that the law states that escalators have to a) be on or b) not be used at all. Some safety thing. So with the backups at SM, turning the escalator on and off is a safety risk and a risk of citation from OSHA.

        It's ok I was just joking!


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          maybe they should add Escalatorland to the DLR. Actually I think I saw that on the Fairly odd parents. :lol:


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