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Why Did They Close The Castle Walk Through?


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  • Why Did They Close The Castle Walk Through?

    I've been wondering about this. Anyone have the answer?

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    I have been wondering this same thing.


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      From what I've heard, it has something to do with being an obvious terrorist target.
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        I believe it was closed following 9-11 and hasn't reopened. I've also heard that the displays have not been maintained and would require some work for the attraction to be open again.

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          That attraction seems like it would be a pain in the butt to keep up, and to manage and staff during the day. They were probably super glad to have an excuse to close it. I miss it every time I go to the park though, even though I only went through it once every three or four years or something.


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            The problem was mainly a security issue. And they removed the diaramas last December. So it probably wont reopen, ever.


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              It's too bad that the diorama's weren't moved into something else (gawd only know What though). They were a hidden gem in the park! I *hate* when they take those kinds of things away from us!
              Perhaps it could have become a moving exhibit - to be seen at the DL resort hotels. I forget just How big it is, but surely they could have saved it someway!

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                because Eisner thought Osama was gonna bomb it


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                  One of the scenes was installed in one of the Emporium windows.


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                    How is this a security issue in the day of mini-cameras everywhere? They don't want to pay someone to watch the monitors?

                    How is this more of a problem than some of the lengthy queues or the caves or other out-of-the-way spots?

                    I may be daydreaming, but I hope they are doing something new inside to surprise us on the anniversary....


                    • #11
                      my understanding is once they have closed it they can not re-open without mking changes to make it accessable to all (ADA guidelines) and because of all the stairs that would be virtualy impossable.

                      ...but I could be wrong.....


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                        >>my understanding is once they have closed it they can not re-open without mking changes to make it accessable to all (ADA guidelines) and because of all the stairs that would be virtualy impossable.<<

                        No, as long as it is not significantly modified, the historic attraction predates the ada and is "grandfathered" - - no need for compliance.

                        They could change the show scenes or exhibits and such and it would not alter that situation. That's my understanding of it.


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                          I always loved it because when I was a little girl in the early 60's, it was just the most magical wonder filled thing to walk in the castle, and see the dolls tell the story.
                          I have missed it, and my little grandaughter who loves Sleeping beauty, would just be thrilled to see it. Sigh
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                            They've gutted the inside of the castle-- I'm sure on the inside it looks just like it did on opening day 50 years ago-- unfinished, unused, and empty. I was horrified when I saw the kiss scene in the Emporium window... all I wanted was my walkthrough back. When I saw that they stopped listing it at the park on attractions "closed to refurbishment" at the ticket booths, I pretty much lost hope.

                            For another look at some of the puppets from inside the castle, head into the shop next to the castle gate, nearest the walkthrough entrance. The original Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather puppers hang off the ceiling! It's really the last chance to see them, because who knows how long before some daddy has his kid on his shoulders and they just rip the dolls apart without knowing their significance.
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                              Yesterland attractions has been ebay!

                              It's only a matter of time before Di$ney starts selling off the Sleeping Beauty walk-through. I'm not gonna bid on it, though -- I'm waiting to buy me an Eisner!
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