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6/5/06 : Mini Trip Report


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  • 6/5/06 : Mini Trip Report

    Lets see, where to begin, hmmmm we headed to DCA first, we arrived there around 5 something or so and the park wasnt too busy as usual, We headed to Monsters INc and had a 10 minute wait or so, I just went on it cause i wanted to see if Roz would talk to either me or my bf, But she didnt , she opted for the boy in front of us with the mouse ears on, " young man in the 2nd row, my what big ears u have " After that we debated on weather or not to ride Grizzly Rapids but chose not to and headed over to DL, the lines to DL were pretty long so we took a walk down DTD to the monorail only to discover it was just as bad over there too! We had to wait for the 2nd monorail in order to board , got into the park and got a FP for space mtn, didnt wanna wait 35 minutes, i guess were just spoiled. We then hit up Matterhorn, one of my favorites after BTM. After that we walked around fantasyland and took in the atmosphere and went to get a dole whip which was probably the longest line we had waited in so far. Then hit up IJA which was pretty busy or so the line looked to be , it was about 25-30 minutes, Isnt IJA always more fun with people that have never been on it before? We were riding with a family that had never went on it and its just entertaining to see peoples reactions. Anyways we went to HM and that was a walk on, all through the ride we were near some annoying people that kept screaming uncontrollably and shaking there car keys at everything , that was annoying. Next we headed over to BTM which was about 10 mins, then we got off and ran back around to ride it again. Fantasmic was ending when we got on it the first time and now the fireworks were beginning which was an awesome thing to be on BT and have fireworks shooting off overhead, i felt like i was in a commercial. After that we walked around for a bit and went back to Space to turn in our FP. OH NO CLOSED! DAMMIT! so we went back to get a good seat for the 2nd fantasmic where i had to be hit in the back repeatedly by a young child. After the show we dashed over to Space and it was back up and running, we rode it, laughed as we always do and then looked around the main street shops. we headed out the gates around 1130 and walked back to the parking structure when the sprinklers came on and wet us! The END!

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