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Best Meal You've Had Inside the Parks

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    Originally posted by desertdweller
    Sorry, but my experiences there were only during the first months of its opening along with the TDA Building.
    Yeah well now it's run by Starz Diners and it sucks! I hear that back in the day, when it was a 3rd party running the joint, it was quite tasty!
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      I am rather parcial to the food at Redd rockets being it is tho only disney food i can rember the taste of


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        Originally posted by fearsnda
        Yeah well now it's run by Starz Diners and it sucks! I hear that back in the day, when it was a 3rd party running the joint, it was quite tasty!

        I must have been there "back in the day"

        I love how its decorated with all the old ride cars and parade stuff- so fun to sit and check out where everything was from.

        Westside diner gets second for its ambiance- cool "secret" entrance and Dick Tracy theme. I love how all the cast stuff was still themed and decorated - it let you know that you were working for a special company.
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          Sorry but I have eaten at the Blue Bayou a few times and each time I have never been overly impressed with the food (nor the prices, but that would be different if the food was better.) I have had the prime steak and it was a good proportion fat.

          I like the Clam Chowder at the Carnation Cafe!


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            Originally posted by Tom Chaney
            I really like the pork tenderloin in root beer sauce at Blue Bayou. A delicious meal big enough to feed two!
            ROOT BEER Sauce? Between that and Monte Cristo sandwich seems like Blue Bayou should be called Sugarcane Bayou... hehehe


            Does anybody know the best place to have a homestyle healthy meal? Not the most decadent, per se but the kind of food that sticks to your ribs and fills you up when youre weary and tired.


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              Inside the parks: Jambalaya at Blue Bayou. I'm not into sweet with my meat, so half their menu is out for me!

              Resort-wide: The buffet dinner at Storyteller's in the GCH. Prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and grilled salmon. Followed by chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate mousse pie and raspberry cheesecake. Heavenly.


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                Originally posted by fearsnda
                Eat Ticket??? Are you serious? My coworkers and I avoid it like the black plague. We trot down the stairs, out the door and straight off property!
                It's pretty awesome when you were used to cold greasy pizza from Village Haus!


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                  Lets see when I worked at the Golden Vine Winery a couple years back I got to taste some of the finest food Disneyland/DCA had to offer by some of the best chefs. At the top of my list is the filet mignon and the sea bass that were available in the Vineyard Room (2nd Floor Golden Vine Winery). Not to mention the Vineyard Room offered some of the best desserts as well. Another great restaurant that has since closed was ABC Soap Opera Bistro, the roasted chicken and pizza were amazing!


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                    Back in the gold old days of the pirate ship in Fantasy Land, they served the most delicious meatball sandwich on the ship I have ever eaten. It was covered in cheese, hard to eat because it was messy, huge, and wonderful! We would sit behind the ship in that cave like area and enjoy. Anyone remember.

                    Wish they still had that ship. Why did they get rid of it? Bet I won't like the answer.

                    WORST: I had pizza at that place in DCA next to the basketball game. Horrible! Threw it away after a few bites.


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                      I'm a simple girl with simple pleasures. The Oscar's Special at Carnation Cafe - hands down. Fluffy scrambled eggs, tender scallopped potatoes, bacon, fruit, and a croissant to boot! Add a flavored coffee smothered in whipped cream and I'm set for the rest of the day!
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                        Originally posted by socal05
                        Back in the gold old days of the pirate ship in Fantasy Land... we would sit behind the ship in that cave like area. Anyone remember...

                        Wish they still had that ship. Why did they get rid of it? Bet I won't like the answer.
                        They removed it during the 1983 Fantasyland remodel... To move some rides around and make it less cramped. I think Dumbo moved over and Village Haus was built in. Also, Teacups used to be by Mr Toad and the Carousel and they moved them over to Alice in Wonderland's area.

                        The new Fantasyland was a big improvement and since they never built the Pirate ship in FL I guess they thought everyone would forget about it.

                        Go to Disneyland Paris, and as you stagger out of Fantasyland and into Adventureland (next door), you'll see it again in the lagoon outside Pirates of the Caribbean. You can't order tuna sandwiches there, I think it's just a walkthrough as part of the Skull Rock caves they built in place of Tom Sawyer Island. But you can take pictures and relive the good old days.


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                          FYI, Blue Bayou and Club 33 use the same kitchen.


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                            Originally posted by CaliforniaAdventurer
                            (puts fingers in ears) nananananannanna lalalalalalalalalalalal neenerneeenerneeener i can't heeeaaaarrrrr yoooouuuu!
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                              I enjoyed the Blue Bayou for the intimate setting and the very nice steak but one of the best meal's has to be the River Belle Terrace back in 2003 - if only for the comedy of sitting with trays and serviettes on our heads to avoid the bird poop whilst waiting for Fantasmic - LMAO!

                              Ok went slightly off topic there but apologies to anyone who saw some Brits and a few other Americans who were impressed with our idea and joined us, sitting looking like idiots back in July 2003!


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                                I just noticed the other day at River Belle Terrace that they had a catfish meal on the menu....anyone ever tried it? Any good?
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