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Best Meal You've Had Inside the Parks


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  • Best Meal You've Had Inside the Parks

    I thought that starting a thread of our absolute best meals in DL/DCA might help us share with each other those little gems that we've found. So, where did you have the absolute best meal at DL or DCA?

    For me, I looooove the French Market and the absolute best meal ever was chicken six feet under I had about 3 years ago at Christmas. It was seasoned chicken drumsticks sticking out of mashed potatoes with those fried onion thingies on top. It was so big there was no way I could even attempt to finish it. Not exactly healthy, but my goodness it was good! I hope they bring it back because I want some this year!

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    Mine would have to be either the Golden Vine or Napa Rose. Both delicious.


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      This is an easy question...... the best meal that I had was at club 33.
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        Go way back and say the chicken and ribs combo at Big Thunder Ranch was tops! This of course when it was still open.


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          I really like the pork tenderloin in root beer sauce at Blue Bayou. A delicious meal big enough to feed two!
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            Bengal Barbeque. Quick, cheap, and very consistent fare.
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              Prime rib at the Plaza Inn.
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                I just have so many. My tops are:

                Blue Bayou- Pork tenderloin / Prime Rib

                Plaza Inn- Fried chicken dinner

                Big Thunder Mountain BBQ- The sampler! (Matt, Please bring this Back)!

                Golden horshoe- Chili cheese dog
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                  Brunch at Club 33 no contest.

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                    Dinner Buffet at Club 33! But that was once in a lifetime kinda thing! Otherwise, the Crab Cakes at Blue Bayou!
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                      Originally posted by dsnylndmom
                      Brunch at Club 33 no contest.
                      Oh man, the ship is going down.....Torpedo in the water.

                      Blue Bayou and the Napa Rose
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                        Plaza Inn- Fried chicken dinner

                        Big Thunder Mountain BBQ- The sampler! mmmmmm

                        ...not a meal but the CORN DOGS! :bow: :bow: :bow: !!!
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                          Bengal Barbeque-- because it's only $0.50 more than a churro and so much more substantial. Nothing like the smell of a sweet sweet skewer of beef to coerce you into standing in line for twenty minutes for one-- that line is always too long, but meat is yum.

                          French Market - mac & cheese. I love me a Stouffer's mac & cheese since I was a little girl, and I can never eat much when I go to Disneyland-- I get too excited-- so I just get my Mouseketeer plate of Stouffer's and lick that mouse-shaped bowl clean.

                          And of course, Gibson Girl ice cream! The best snack deal in the park. Have you ever TRIED to finish a Grand Gibson on your own? It's impossible! And only $5.50? Holds me over all day, practically.
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                            Stuffed chicken and pasta at the BB, mmmmmmmm.

                            Corn dogs at DCA, mmmmmmmmmm.
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                              By far - Napa Rose. That meal blew me away. Quite unique compared to anything I have ever eaten.


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