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  • Parade of the Stars

    Okay okay if the title of the Parade isn't Parade of the Stars but i just have to post about the recently scrapped Parade of the Stars. I know its death was much celebrated on Miceage , however I am a little dissapointed that it is gone.

    Before you all jump to conclussions, unlike you lucky bastards ( okay if that is a naughty word in the US sorry but it is part of the Aussie language) i don't get to attend the park usually more then twice a year. I looked forward at each visit on dancing in the parade.

    Over my time , i was lucky enough to dance in each section ( those tutu's are so sexy!) and each time my friends who were travelling with me loved it. In fact last year it was one of the highlights of a three week trip to LA for my boyfriend Matt. Seeing a tall, long haired, death metal t-shirt and all black clothes wearing guy high kicking in a cape and screamin PENGUINS at the top of his lungs was truly golden.

    So whilst many may rejoice ... i will shed a tear.
    "Lies make baby Jesus cry!"

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