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Disneyland's "Happiest Faces On Earth"


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  • Disneyland's "Happiest Faces On Earth"

    I am hoping someone can help me. I searched the forums to find if anyone had taken any pictures of the "Happiest Faces On Earth" collages at Disneyland, but all of the threads had been closed and I was unable to post a reply. Hence, this new thread>

    I had submitted three pictures that were used for the following collages:

    Photo: "Mom & Dad pose with Dale on Main Street, U.S.A."
    Collage: Alice in Wonderland
    Location: Mad Tea Party Planter, Fantasyland
    Position: Row 11, Column 36, Alice's Hair (Bangs & Bow)

    Photo: "Mom & Dad arrive at Disneyland"
    Collage: Sleeping Beauty
    Location: Sleeping Beauty Castle Backcourt Interior
    Position: Row 35, Column 4, Aurora's Crown and Top of Head

    Photo: "Mom meets Mickey Mouse at Disneyland"
    Collage: Jessie
    Location: The Golden Horseshoe, Frontierland
    Position: Row 14, Column 15, Top Middle, Jessie's Hat

    If anyone will be going to Disneyland before the 50th Celebration ends, would it be possible to take a few pictures? You can post them here or PM me for my email.

    If no one will be able to get there, does anyone know if the collages have been posted online anywhere?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Re: Disneyland's "Happiest Faces On Earth"

    The photos may have been used in other collages as well. When I received my email notice, it only listed a couple of places. But when I got an official list from one of the kiosks at the park, I was shocked to discover that the 2-3 photos that I sent in were actually used in several more collages.
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      Re: Disneyland's "Happiest Faces On Earth"

      Thanks Sam. I'll have to try and contact Disneyland for more info on this.


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        Re: Disneyland's "Happiest Faces On Earth"

        I'm going next week - and I have my list that Disney e-mailed me. My family is in about 8 different collages. I'll have to check the kiosk to see if we're in any others! Thanks for the tip Sam
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          Re: Disneyland's "Happiest Faces On Earth"

          Yeah me too. Disney sent me an e-mail saying they were going to use 3 of my pictures. It only listed like 4 collages but when i got the print of at the park it was more like 10! Oh i was on one collage with the same picture two or three times. But be sure to check out the print off at the park!


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