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Back from Disneyland! My trip report


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  • Back from Disneyland! My trip report

    We went on a week long trip to CA, three days of which was at Disneyland. I took many tips and advice from these boards with me, so I thought I would share. The weather was overcast the entire time, so it was great. Tuesday lines were long, Wednesday they started to die down and Thursday there was almost NO WAIT on everything we went on.

    Things I tried:
    1. Dole Whip, YUM!!
    2. Goat trick.....Didn't do anything for me, must have done it wrong.
    3. Churro, YUMMY!
    4. Ride Max....Used a lot of tips from it, but didn't follow the ride plan much. It gave some GREAT tips!
    5. Took afternoon breaks, this was a lifesaver.
    6. Ariel's Grotto for dinner, this was awesome! Would have split a plate if I had thought about it, too much food.

    Characters we met: (Saw alot of others, just no pictures)
    1. Minnie Mouse
    2. Goofy
    3. Pooh
    4. Eeore
    5. Tigger
    6. All the princesses (see below)
    7. Pluto
    8. Chicken little
    9. Mickey

    June 6
    Used EE went on all the FL rides except Small World and Story Book canal boats. Went to Toon town at opening. Rode Roger Rabits Car toon spin and Gadgets go coaster. Went to Minnie's house, got pictures of DD with Minnie and Goofy. Took a nap at the hotel. Went to dinner at Ariel's Grotto at 4:20. Met Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Aroura (sleeping BOOTY as DD says!), and Snow white. Rode soarin'. Spent the rest of the day in Tomorrow land and went to everyting there. DD liked to "drive". I had never been to Innovations, and it's been 13 years since Space. Buzz was a BLAST!

    June 7
    Went to FL to catch a few more rides. Met Cinderella in front of the castle. Hit Splash (10 minute wait), Winnie the Pooh twice (no waiting), grabbed FP's fro a repeat of Splash. Met the Winnie the Pooh characters. Went on splash again. Took a lunch break (Grabbed FP for Indy on the way out) at White Water Snacks (this was great advice). Rode Screamin' (used FP), Maliboomer twice (no wait), Grizzly River Rapids (10 min. wait), and Soarin'(35 min. wait). Went back to DL rode Indy and Jungle cruze (no wait). Rode Haunted Mansion no wait (boy that bride is creepy!). Rode Thunder Mountain twice( 10 min wait), tried the goat trick, but it didn't work. Got a Dole Whip and went to the Tikki room (DD really thought it was raining outside).

    June 8
    DCA at opening met Pluto. Rode Monsters, second in line. Saw Chicken Little and watched Crush turtle talk (loved it!), visited the animation room. Got FP's for Tower of Terror and went to bugs land, saw "It's tough to be a bug where DH was scared (won't give away what scared him, no it wasn't the spiders). Rode all the rides twice with DD, played in the puddle park. Went on the Bread and Tortilla tour. Rode screamin' twice with single rider passes. Went to WWS again for lunch. Rode Grizzly river run with DD (10 min. wait), went again single rider. Went on soarin'. Used our FP's for tower. There was no wait, so we rode Tower again. Went to DL took the train to Toon Town. Went to Mickey's house. Rode Small World and story book canal boats. Watched Snow White. Feeling like we acomplished all we wanted we left at 7pm.

    Oh, and we stayed at Park Place Inn. This was great! Right across the street, and a nice room to boot.
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    Re: Back from Disneyland! My trip report

    Wow, what a great trip! It sounds like you guys were able to really ride anything you wanted with minimal wait. Did you take any photos? If so share


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      Re: Back from Disneyland! My trip report

      Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. Can't go wrong with Churros, I say.


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        Re: Back from Disneyland! My trip report

        Originally posted by DonDuck
        Can't go wrong with Churros, I say.
        Churros...A balanced part of any Disneyland lover's diet!


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          Re: Back from Disneyland! My trip report

          One question: What is "ride max"? Sorry for the ignorance...newbie here!


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            Re: Back from Disneyland! My trip report

            Originally posted by jag_girl
            One question: What is "ride max"? Sorry for the ignorance...newbie here!
            Welcome to MiceChat! I am pretty new here too so I have been asking a lot of questions

            Ride Max is a program you can purchase and download that will help plot out your day at the park once you plug in the date of your visit, what rides you want to get in during the day, and any break/meal times. You can read about it more at I have heard a lot of good reviews about it for people with small children who want to stick to a pretty strict schedule and get certain rides in during their visit but for someone who prefers a more relaxed approach to Disneyland (people watching, shopping, etc.) then it probably would not be a good fit.



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