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Is a 7th CD for Disneyland History Plausible?


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  • Is a 7th CD for Disneyland History Plausible?

    Do you think the Disney Records should add on a 7th Cd to the collection later on this year and would you buy it if it included rides like the skyway, mission to mars, all the parades and shows, captain EO, Rocket Rods, the Innoventions Song, Monsanto House of the Future, Hall of Chemistry, and more main street stuff?

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    I would have liked to have seen some of those, yes. I was a tad surprised that Mission to Mars wasn't included, but since Flight to the Moon is, I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't include both. Sort of. Oh well, I hear it often enough online. House of the Future is a very fun listen, though, and should have been included if at all possible.

    Anyway, yes, I'd have gladly welcomed a seventh disc which filled out Tomorrowland a bit more.
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      They could probably expand this set from six discs to sixty, and I'd need every last one of 'em.
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        The questions is do you think they will eventually expand?!


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          The only thing I am bummed about is that the parade of dreams music or block party music is not on any of the upcoming albums.
          They're all going to be fantastic, though.
          I hope randy plans on putting out the 50th entertainment music sometime.


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            I think Captian EO is not in there due to Mr. Jackson's current issues...Too bad, it was a pretty good show.


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              I think it will be added in the 12 disc set, but I'm not sure.


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                I know this might not be the right forum, but Randy is doing a 50th Celebration 2disc set for WDW I hear. Anyone know more about that?
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