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Indiana Jones' Original Effects


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  • Indiana Jones' Original Effects

    I've heard bits and pieces here and there about effects used in Indiana Jones.. I'd like to get the record set straight on some of them.

    1) The "ceiling falling" effect in the Eye of Mara room. I seem to remember a green laser fired off when I first rode the ride, but don't remember a ceiling effect. I've heard that "it rusted" and I've heard that it was't fast enough to flash freeze for every car coming through. Anyone got the real scoop? Now in the Mara room, if you look up there is a starry night sky-- was this always there?!

    2) The room you go into after the Eye of Mara -- wasn't it supposed to be themed differently a little bit each time? Different fog/lightning effects?

    3) Rats -- where is this in the ride, and how exactly is it supposed to work/not work?

    4) Fire -- When the ride first opened, I remember there being quite a bit more real fire used, namely when crossing the bridge. Now, it seems like the skull's eye is lit 50% of the time, and there are tiny fire bursts next to the bridge (but not when crossing.) Do they do this to save gas or something? When you cross the bridge now, there are two snakes that shoot "fire" (colored lighting and smoke) at you. Are these fairly new?

    5) Fire, Part 2 -- Why does the ride/smoke have a distinctive smell? Hard to describe, I almost don't like it.

    That's my questions so far.. any comments/answers would be appreciated!

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    Re: Indiana Jones' Original Effects

    1. I'll leave for someone else.

    2. It still is... as long as the doors are working, the lighting and mara's spiel will be different.

    3. The rats were supposed to be a better working mist screen. There's supposed to be 2 doors in/out of the room that close when the car enters to help the mist form. That's why your car breaks down.
    Legal/fire marshall didn't like the idea of the room being sealed off, so the doors remain open, and the mist doesn't form all the way, therefore killing the effect.

    4. Agreed.. the fire doesn't seem to be as rampant. The eye's cyclone of fire is tricky to begin with, and without regular inspection the airflow isn't right and the effect doesn't go.

    5. I believe the fire is natural gas, like Fantasmic (but not Remeber).


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      Re: Indiana Jones' Original Effects

      The "ceiling falling" thing wasn't in the eye of mara room it was in the lava pit. You'd come out and see the temple and the lava pit and then rocks would fall from the ceiling and melt into the lava pit below.(ice machine dropping ice.. machine rusted over and they can't replace it without taking the whole ceiling out)

      i do remember the lava pit area in general being more grand and impressive before but that might just be an effect of going on it a lot. the eye doesn't seem to be as lit i'll agree.

      the smell is something they add prolly. the smell in the E.T. ride's forest always creeped me out. =D


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        Re: Indiana Jones' Original Effects

        Though i never saw the falling ceiling effect I think it would be quite impressive, one of those things where people went "how'd they do that!?" Honestly though, I don't buy the story that they would have to remove the ceiling to replace it, sure it might be difficult, expensive, and they may have a to remove a good deal of theming and maybe a small structure from the ceiling, to replace it then replace the theming that hid it, but I think it would be quite possible if they really wanted to put in the money, time, and effort.


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          Re: Indiana Jones' Original Effects

          considering the ice machine is in the ceiling, there might be circumstances i can see why they'd need to... Now the story about them needing to remove the ceiling if they wanted to replace the speedramp in space never got where on earth that came from.


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            Re: Indiana Jones' Original Effects

            One effect that was planned but dumped due to budget constraints, was the sensation of crawling bugs.

            The effect that's used in Honey I Shrunk the Audience, when the mice race out into the audience and brush up against the audience's legs would have been used inside the ride vehicles.

            It would have been used in the bug room section right before the bridge. So, not only would you have seen the bugs in the headlights, but you would have felt them crawling on your legs.

            The cost of installing the technology into the vehicles was deemed to expensive and dropped early on.
            Would've been really frick'n cool if you ask me.
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              Re: Indiana Jones' Original Effects

              I actually buy the ceiling story. Sure, maybe not the whole ceiling, but you'd need to make a pretty big hole to get something like that out, I imagine.

              Anyways, if you listen to the soundtrack right after the door of doom section (or whatever it's called), you can still hear the crumbling sound (I think it's right there...).


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