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I have just decided on my Disney Dream

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  • I have just decided on my Disney Dream

    Reading various post on crowds I now know my dream. Its simple I want a 365 day a year pass to DL for 2 ( the second one open for whom I chose to accompany me each trip) for life, that can be willed to a family member of my choice. I love the park and I would love to enter it at anytime om a whim. I dont want to jostle crowds to do it all in a short amount of time. If I just want to see Fantasmic or just want to go to Fantasyland I want to be able to do it. Yep I know it sounds like an AP's life for me , but since that is not always possible every year a life time pass will do. Oh did I mention my dream also includes lifetime airfare from NoCal to SoCal and of couse a suite at my disposal and the GCH? I have been pondering this for days , A castle overnighter?, a grand party in HM ?, nope just the luxury of going when I want with whom I want and having the means to get there and a place to rest my head at the end of the day.