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  • Most untouchable attractions

    OK, what are your top 10 most untouchable attractions, in order?

    By this I mean, the attractions you would keep above all others in DL. If it came down to Splash or Space, which do you eliminate? Indy or Pirates? Big Thunder or Matterhorn?

    For me, most untouchable to least...

    1. Pirates
    2. Splash
    3. Indy
    4. Mansion
    5. Space Mtn.
    6. Peter Pan
    7. Matterhorn
    8. Monorail
    9. DLRR
    10. Big Thunder
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    I don't feel like Big Thunder is essential. Not to say I don't like it, but the world wouldn't end without it. You know, because the world WOULD end if they closed one of those other ones.


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      1. Space
      2. Matterhorn
      3. Thunder
      4. Indy
      5. POTC
      6. HM
      7. TOAD
      8. Teacups
      9. Splash
      10. IaSW (call me insane but I can't get enough of that darn song)

      I pick space first cause it's the first ride i fell in love with as a kid. And I am just a roller coaster girl all around, so may the first 3 never part us.
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        1. Pirates
        2. Haunted Mansion
        3. Jungle Cruise
        4. Enchanted Tiki Room
        5. Matterhorn
        6. Space Mountain (or Big Thunder--I don't remember SM, so I'll have to make a final judgement on this in July )
        7. DLRR (with Primeival World incl.)
        8. Peter Pan's Flight
        9. Alice in Wonderland
        10. Tom Sawyer Island

        These are all pretty much things that if I don't ride, the day isn't quite complete!

        Although I feel bad excluding things like Big Thunder (which is currently my favorite coaster at DLR, just because I don't remember Space), and Dumbo (which is a favorite for every kid), and the Teacups (spinning makes me barf, but toning it down like they have done is SUPER LAME!).

        It's so hard to choose!

        EDIT: Augh... how could I not include IaSW?! I am a bad person.
        EDIT 2: Had to retoggle my list order.
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          Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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            matterhorn, indy, haunted, and potc (in that order)


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              Oh yes, and definitely Alice. And Small World seems essential to me, even though I don't care for it that much.


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                1. Pirates
                2. Splash Mountain
                3. Matterhorn
                4. Space Mountain
                5. Haunted Mansion
                6. Indy
                7. Big Thunder
                8. Jungle Cruise
                9. Disneyland RR
                10. Star Tours


                • #9
                  1. Pirates
                  2. Monorail
                  3. Haunted Mansion
                  4. Peter Pan's Flight
                  5. It's a Small World
                  6. Jungle Cruise
                  7. Splash Mountain
                  8. Space Mountain
                  9. Enchanted Tiki Room
                  10. Disneyland Railroad


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                    ...And #11....a tie between Alice in Wonderland and because my brothers and sister LOVE it SO much Casey Jr. Circus Train.


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                      I would say anything in Fantisyland is close too untouchable.

                      After that, Haunted House, Pirates and Jungle Cruise are the top 3 untouchable's. Unfortunatly I think TSI is also untouchable. After that, I think its all open season if people stop riding it.

                      Thats what defines "untouchable" to me. A ride that even if attendance dwindles down, wont get taken out. A ride like Matterhorn, Space Mountian or BTRR would be ripped out and replaced the moment lines shrunk. But I dont see THAT happening any time soon since they one of the few E-ticket rides that EVERYONE must do when at the park.


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                        1) Matterhorn
                        2) Space Mountain
                        3) Splash Mountain
                        4) Big Thunder
                        5) Peter Pan
                        6) Small World
                        7) Jungle Cruise
                        8) Haunted Mansion
                        9) Autopia/Dumbo/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
                        10) Submarines - oops! Skyway! oh heck ...DLRR

                        Being from the Seattle area, I'm not so excited about riding in a monorail. It's fun, but it's not on my list of must keeps. I Really can't decide between the threeway tie at #9. I love em all!

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                        • #13
                          1) The Matterhorn
                          2) Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
                          3) Sleeping Beauty Castle
                          4) It's A Small World
                          5) The Haunted Mansion
                          6) Alice In Wonderland
                          7) Mr Toad's Wild Ride
                          8) The Monorail
                          9) Pirates Of The Caribbean
                          10) Tom Sawyer Island


                          • #14
                            1. Peter Pan's Flight
                            2. It's Small World (hey, it makes me happy!)
                            3. Haunted Mansion
                            4. Pirates
                            5. Alice in Wonderland
                            6. Disneyland Railroad
                            7. Jungle Cruise
                            8. Enchanted Tiki Room
                            9. Dumbo
                            10. Mark Twain
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                            • #15
                              10. Space Mountain
                              9. Rocket Jets
                              4.Jungle Cruise
                              2.Splash Mountain
                              1. Submarine Voyage


                              • #16
                                1. Pirates
                                2. Haunted Mansion
                                3. IASW
                                4. Matterhorn
                                5. Splash Mt.
                                6. Space Mt.
                                7. Disneyland RR
                                8. Jungle Cruise
                                9. Peter Pan
                                10. Indy/Tiki room

                                I love Big Thunder Mt., but of the mountains it's the one that I could see being replaced/updated in some form. I think the loss of any of these would diminish the park experience. Even during the refurb, it's been weird for me to not hear the DLRR when entering the park through Main St.


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                                • #17
                                  My most untouchable rides are the ones that defined Disneyland and were overseen by Walt himself.

                                  1) Pirates
                                  2) Mark Twain
                                  3) DLRR
                                  4) Jungle Cruise
                                  5) Submarine Ride
                                  6) Matterhorn
                                  7) Haunted Mansion
                                  8) Monorail
                                  9) Columbia
                                  10) Peter Pan

                                  Damn, it's hard to pick just 10. I can't really place big thunder on the list because, while one of my favorite coasters, it's just painful to remember that it replaced the much bigger and more immersive Nature's Wonderland and it's three rides (mules, mine train, stage coach). Back in the day, Frontierland felt like it was on the frontier, now it just seems like a coaster between Fantansyland and New Orleans Square.


                                  • #18
                                    Jungle Cruise
                                    Tiki Room
                                    Space Mtn
                                    Big Thunder
                                    Mr Toad

                                    See, if I had to pick a Mtn to get replaced I would pick Splash Mtn. I have always thought it was over-rated since it's pretty much the only water ride in the park.


                                    • #19
                                      define untouchable

                                      there are quite a few I agree should never be removed but I do think that all attractions are open for updating even with an upgrade as radical as the Space Mountain upgrade we're recieving

                                      anywho I'd say

                                      Big Thunder
                                      Small World

                                      there's probably something I'm forgetting in there somewere o_o I know there is but I'm tired (so off to bed I go)
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                                      • #20
                                        1. rocket rods
                                        2. superstar limo
                                        3. innoventions
                                        4. Honey I shrunk the audience
                                        5. winnie the pooh

                                        i love these rides


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