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  • Disneyland's Treasures

    Remember when you were little, and there was always something at Disneyland that you wanted to take home, or you wished that you "could have one of those..."

    Or maybe it was a place that you always wanted to go to, or had to go to...

    Or a thing that you always had to see...

    What are the little things (or BIG Things) that made Disneyland so special to you when you were little, or even now, or at anytime?

    For me they would be...

    1) The Old Hag in her cage at the Villain's Lair in Fantasyland (Now located in Le Bat)

    2) Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough... It was a must to see! Especially the dragon scene...

    3) The Magic Mirror located in Fantasyland, that you could poke your head through. (Whatever happened to that?)

    I guess you can tell I was a Fantasyland kid...
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    When I was a little girl I wanted an autograph book SO BAD, but my mom insisted that it was a waste of money and REFUSED to buy it for me. Back then, I think they were $5.50. So, I saved up I think $7.34 or something silly like that, all in change, bought my autograph book, and one of those lollypop bouquets. I was the happiest kid that day!

    And for my family, a trip to Disneyland was not complete without a spin around the Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan's Flight!! I don't know that we've EVER been to the park and skipped those!

    Apparently when I was about two, this was back when characters could actually hang around without cast members having to beat off the maddening crowds... Anyway, back when I was about two, I apparently got to dance all around Fantasyland with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I wish I remembered it, it must have been AWESOME.
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      well it was not around when I was a kid but I wanted and still want the little Pluto statue at the hub, one of the ones that go around the partners statue.


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        Originally posted by Skipper S
        well it was not around when I was a kid but I wanted and still want the little Pluto statue at the hub, one of the ones that go around the partners statue.

        I second that!!!!

        When I was little I wanted all the Pluto toys. My mom always bought just 1 and it would take me FOREVER to pick it out. I still have my first Pluto stuffed animal from 1978.

        I also had to have a picture with EVERY character we saw and if we saw the same one more than once, I had to have a new picture each time. My mother must have spent a small fortune on film.

        and I had to always ride the SkipJack sub because my father had served on the real SkipJack in the navy.

        If I had to say what Id want most now, Id have to say it would be to have my mother back so I could do this all with her again.

        (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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          My favorite keepsake from our family visits was always a Disneyland attraction record (yea, I'm that old!). I keep my 7" Main Street Electrical Parade picture disc in a safe place!

          Pirates was always a highlight for my family, and we always "visited" Mr. Lincoln on our way out of The Park. I still do that to this day.
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