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  • Let's just imagine

    Well its not going to happen but lets just imagine that Disneyland was getting an attraction from all the other Disney resorts around the world. Which ones would you pick to bring to the the resort. Ether for Disneyland or DCA.
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    let's imagine there's no heaven, its easy if you try...


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      Original post removed. Thread starter rewrote their opening post.
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        From Magic Kingdom: Philharmagic (off the back of toon town in place of Chip and Dales, and extend Toon Town into the back of the Woody's Round-up going into Festival of Fools area)

        From Epcot: Test Track ride system with a Tough to be a Bug theme (behind bugsland, hooking ToT to bugslad to Pacific Wharf)

        From MGM: Rockin' Roller Coaster type indoor-launched-looping-coaster (Hyperion gets a lobby/waiting area, RnRC entrance where current Hyperion waiting are is, load/launch where entracne to Timon is, main ride building beihnd ToT)

        From DAK.... Expidition Everest (Timon lot)

        DLP: Fort Comstock (replacing Fort Wilderness on TSI.)

        DSP: Motors Action (replacing most of empty food-court-wharf, plus into Timon)

        TDL: Pooh's Honey Hunt ride system themed to Woody's Round-Up(in Festival of Fools linking Frontierland to Fantasyland and Toon Town)

        TDS: 20K leagues under the sea, Innoventions/Redd Rockets

        Hmmm...... HKDL... Let's swap out Phillharmagic from HKDL, but in English. Then take Country Bear Jamboree from MK and put it in the empty bay area, expanding Grizzly Peak Rec Area theme.


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          From WDW Mission Space in Inoventions

          From TDR Winny the poo to replace ours

          From DLP Moters Action back corner of HPB where Hollywood and Dine is


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            Attention Disney Imagineering, you can reach me via PM if you have any questions:
            -Replace Innoventions with Mission Space from EPCOT.
            -Replace Star Tours with an updated version of Storm Riders from Disney Sea.
            -Replace Pooh with Pooh from Tokyo Disneyland.
            -Replace the Sub Lagoon with the 20,000 Leagues attraction walk-through from Paris and turn the old show building into a fancy Nemo themed restaurant.
            -Add the Mermaid Lagoon (From Disney Sea) to the old Motorboat Cruise area
            -Demolish the shop to the left of the castle and dig down enough to add the dungeon and dragon scene from DLP. Then build a villians shop at ground level and extend that side of the castle enough to add a restaurant to the second floor (a la WDW). This would keep the current look of the castle from Main Street and Fantasyland but allow for an extension toward Plaza Gardens for the additional features.
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              None.... no more cloned rides. Let's get something original! New and original attractions give people a reason to travel to another park.

              Okay, okay... I'll cave in: remember Legend of the Lion King (WDW)?


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