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What do "you" have in common with Walt Disney?

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  • What do "you" have in common with Walt Disney?

    I thought this might really spark some interesting comments. What do you, yourself, have in common with Walt Disney. I, myself, can only claim that I also was born in Chicago. Those of us that love Disneyland and the other Disney Parks, of course, share his basic spirit and ideals, but I was thinking of perhaps specific things.

    Do you share his first name, second name? Do you have a husband named Walt? A wife named Lillian? You get the idea. Were you born on the same day? December 5th, I believe. Same month?

    So be creative. What do you you have in common with Walt Disney?

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    I'm not a very good animator. yet, I chose to be one anyway.

    This thread should be elsewhere.
    That Guy!


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      Ummm, my birthday is December 3rd, and my teacher used to jokingly call me Walt Disney, because I loved most all things Disney. yeah that last one had nothing to do with what you asked, oh well. : P


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        I think He loved to return to his childhood, and he knew there would be people who would remain young at heart, and would visit his park again and again, for that wonderful feeling of fantasy. I love that feeling still, and I have dated myself many times here, so you know I've been looking at the backside of forty for sometime now!
        I think that is what I have in common with Walt.
        Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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          :ap: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." :ap:


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            My daughter shares Walt Disney's wife's maiden name.

            We named her Lillian when she was born, and though our last name is spelled slightly different, it shares the same sound and common ancestry.

            We only found out that Walt's wife's name was Lilly Bounds just before our first visit, when Lily was six. We were all pretty surprised.
            "Say, uh, ever hear of the devil's paint pots? Real mystery of the desert. Bubblin' pots of mud in all kinds of colors."


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              A pure and complete Love for Disneyland (and Mickey Mouse)
              Katie :yea:
              Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
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                Well, walt disney's birthday is December 5th, and so is mine I guess that's why i'm such a disney freak

                Orlando doing good

                Princess of Randomness


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                  My birthday is december 7th!!!!! Of course Walt was a Sagg, We kick azz!!!
                  Elsa's and Anna's
                  Disneyland Dec 2014


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                    I like to walk around Disneyland and smoke cigarettes.... Hehehe

                    Seriously folks, no one on here has probably met Walt Disney or even his nephew Roy so who are we to project what "Walt would want" or what "Walt would think". It seems a little disingenuous.

                    Besides, he could be a real shark, he was not always sweet as Mickey Mouse, although he was a genius and I have a ton of respect for what he accomplished. But was he really always lovable Uncle Walt when he wasnt on camera? Not sure I really want to know.


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                      Originally posted by Cory Mitchell
                      I'm not a very good animator. yet, I chose to be one anyway.

                      This thread should be elsewhere.
                      Me too. I also come up with all the "wild" buesiness schemes that drive my partners crazy.


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                        Umm I'm like Walt almost no ways. That sucks for me


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                          I have vision beyond repute


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                            Walt was a male and so am I

                            and we both wear socks.................... :devil:


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                              My birthday is December 2nd, hooray for Sagitarrians!