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first trip


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  • first trip

    I'm leaving on Sunday for my first trip to the DL resort! Any words of wisdom??

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    Re: first trip

    Drink lots of water!
    Besides that enjoy.
    • The Monorail operator can let a handful of people ride with him/her in the front Monorail cabin. As the operator as soon as you begin to board. It is a great ride, with full surrounding windows. Plus you can talk to the driver, which can be entertaining in and of itself. The very last cabin can also be fun.
    • Sometimes the Mark Twain operator will let you up into the wheelhouse and "steer" the Mark Twain. You even get an official certificate and it's great to see the park from way up on top.
    • White Water Snacks in the Grand Californian Hotel is a great place to eat. Inexpensive, with large servings of made to order food
    • The Grand Californian hotel sells refillable insulated mugs. Refills on coffee and soft drinks (milk and juice are NOT included) are free at the hotel's snack bar, Whitewater Snacks, ONLY -- not in the parks or at the other resorts.
    • The Disney Art Gallery, above Pirates of the Caribbean is a wonderful place to visit, away from the crowds. The art is incredible, and fun to look at, especially the concept art for the classic Disney movies
    • AAA Discounts members save 10% on food and beverages (excluding tax, gratuity and alcoholic beverages) at the following locations: Plaza Inn in Disneyland, Wine Country Trattoria in DCA, Ariel's Grotto in DCA, PCH Grill at Paradise Pier Hotel, Goofy's Kitchen at Disneyland Hotel
    Where are you staying?

    This one time on Friends . . .:roll:


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      Re: first trip

      Oh wow. Lots, but that might require this to be a much bigger post than I can handle on a Friday morning. I might suggest this as a start:

      1. There are several other people on the board planning trips to Disneyland, and you might want to read through their threads, and advice given to them, or use the "search" function, to get up to speed.
      2. For me personally, I found the "unofficial guide to Disneyland", and/or Ridemax, the computer program, to be very helpful.
      3. Reading old threads is also a good way to waste time, er, I mean get up to speed on Disneyland tips and advice, and
      4. You shouldn't hesitate to ask questions on anything specific you have questions on, or want to see or do, for your trip to Disneyland!


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        Re: first trip

        Random suggestions off the top of my head:

        Stay Hydrated, drink lots of water (it's cheaper if you bring your own...we freeze half of our then keep the frozen bottles with the unfrozen to keep them cool and put them in a locker.)

        Get there early, like as soon as the park opens at 8:00 am and knock off some of the bigger E Ticket rides (space and splash mountain) before the park gets crowded.

        Get a fast passes for Space Mountain and Splash Mountain early as you can (you can only have one active fastpass at a time), later in the day you might not be able get them and these two rides can have queue times well over an hour. Same applies for Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters which is really very fun.

        Seems like it's less crowded by the Opera House/City Hall end of Main Street during the parade than it is near the Hub and the Castle.

        The Opera House is a wonderful place to visit when it's hot out. Learn some park history and cool down. It's nice.

        For an excellent but inexpensive lunch/snack (by TDR standards) White Water Snacks in the Grand Californian Hotel. You can enter from DCA or Downtown Disney and the chicken nachos or burgers are very good and not as expensive as they'd be inside the park.

        If you are planning on visiting DCA (it's better than some folks around here might lead you to believe) and ride Tower of Terror and California Screamin' (Best roller coaster in TDR IMHO) they're great rides and the queue on ToT is impressive. Grizzly River is better than Splash Mountain IMHO but it's line can get LONG on a hot day. The Muppets 3-D is FUN. Monsters Inc. is OK but folks must like it, they line up for a long time to ride it.

        Get fastpasses for Soarin' Over California even if the line is short, it often gets long fast.

        If you are in DCA see Block Party Bash it's super high energy and the kids in the parade will really impress you with their routines. Main Street Electrical Parade is nice to watch from the seats near Paradise Pier (near it's beginning) or Bur-r-rbank Ice-creams patio (With a chocolate and steam sundae of course)

        Visit the Caverns in the Animation building (DCA) (ask a CM where they are) when it gets hot in the afternoon. Golden Dreams (DCA) is another place to hide from the heat and cool down though the movie itself is hokey.

        Have a Really GOOD time
        IMO - YMMV - FYIGM


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          Re: first trip

          thanks for the tips!


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