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  • Buzz Experiances?

    Hey all, I was just wondering what everyone has thought about the new Buzz lightyear ride? I havent been to disneyland in about 2 years, but I plan on going soon. So how is the ride? Was it worth replacing Rocket Rods, (which I personally loved).
    Derek =]
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    I loved it- I thought it was extremely fun, and had a high repeatability factor- I think it is just what TL needs!


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      My daughter and I both really liked it. It's fun!
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        It's nothing like Rocket Rods, but it's a lot of fun!
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          We fast passed it twice last week! Very fun and competitive ride.
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            Fun but more cartoons invading DL I wish it'd been based on something Disney Live Action.


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              Lol, cartoons are disney though. If you go to disneyland, you must expect cartoons :P

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                Well Buzz is sorta pixar too. I expected cartoons in FANTASYLAND. Tomorrowland will be a futuristic Fantasyland if we just slap cartoons in it. It's not MEANT for that

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                  We went on Buzz twice during soft-openings and had a great time. It's really a lot of fun. I got a kick out of rotating our "car" and we both enjoyed the target practice. It's challenge to get your score up, but I hear there are a few tricks! My only complaint is regarding the photo kiosks at the end. It's an inspired idea to let you find your picture on a screen, then email it to yourself... or your friends - free! But, there are only about five screens and the lines are just too long to deal with.

                  Buzz didn't replace the Rocket Rods. Only their queue. Theoretically, they could still be operating. I didn't much care for them, frankly. Too jerky, speed up-slow down-speed up, etc. Done properly, they would have been a great ride.
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                    I LOVED Buzz. Now if they could only add laser guns to all the dark rides. POTC, Peter Pan, HM... Yaa.... That would be cool!

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                      It didn't really replace the rods but just was put in an abandoned building. Last week I stood in a 30 minute line twice and took FP once so I could beat the rest of my family. (I was kinda unsuccesful at that) But even though it is a toon, I think it deserves a place in the magic kingdom.


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                        I liked the ride and I thought it was a bit better than the one in Florida. My brother and I have ridden the ride 4 times and have an ongoing challenge and I have yet to beat him, ARGH!!!!! But at least my score is improving, finally got over 150,000 the other night.


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                          I think it Buzz is a good ride. I like the interaction of the ride. I think it will help draw people back to Tommorrowland and was a good ride to put there.


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                            Funny.. this Buzz get involved in the shooting and never see any of the story or the ride. you are obsessed with shooting targets..they could have just had targetsd in a dark room and kids would have likely given it high marks. space mountain could have done it too!
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                              I liked it a lot and unlike many on these boards, I thought it fit pretty well in Tomorrowland - not necessarily because of the cartoon characters but because it's so much more interactive than any other park ride. I think this is the wave of the future in many areas...people don't like their entertainment to be just a museum anymore where you ride by and watch the action (hence the popularity of things like American Idol where the audience is an integral part of the plot - at least I think they are, right? I haven't actually seen it).

                              The "envelope of protection" idea may be all well and good for older rides but I think that as the theme park industry ages we are going to see more and more of these rides where people are participating actively in the ride instead of just watching passively. It increases repeatability by a lot, too...every time you ride is different and you want to ride many times so you can up your points.

                              My boyfriend was disappointed in the execution of the ride - he was expecting an E ticket and didn't like the cardboard cutout feeling. On the other hand we rode it a few times so he could try to improve his score.

                              Anyway. I think it's good, and a good predictor of what's to come. And it's nice to finally have a shooting gallery in the park that you don't have to pay for.


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                                Originally posted by Derekuda
                                Hey all, I was just wondering what everyone has thought about the new Buzz lightyear ride? I havent been to disneyland in about 2 years, but I plan on going soon. So how is the ride? Was it worth replacing Rocket Rods, (which I personally loved).
                                Derek =]
                                The attraction is, pretty good... for what it is. When compared with other D Tickets, it holds it's own. However there is something two dimensional and bland about it.

                                After much thought, I came to the conclusion that the ride system (an omnimover) had no physical ups and downs. Haunted Mansion, Inner Space and even the People Mover (not an omnimover, but who cares) and lots of Florida attractions exist with multiple layers, levels and a certain depth.

                                Haunted Mansion and Inner Space both took the rider up and down and all around the show building - whereas Buzz is a flat ride-thru with no variation in elevation and show scenes that seem to exist in a rather staged environment... sort of like a buzz lightyear window display rather than being an actual astro-blaster!

                                All this doesn't mean it's bad it just is something I noted as flaw.

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