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People Mover 2005 again


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  • People Mover 2005 again

    I don't know why my first post was locked, so i'll try again? That was kind of rude actually. You could at least give a reason for locking it.

    I was just thinking, do you think they will ever make another ride for the Peoplemover/rocket rod track or are they just going to leave it. I think it would be cool to bring back the people mover. I remember back when i was small that there wasent really a line for it, and so I think they could easily bring it back unless for some strange reason the ride got suddenly popular and then they might need to improvise a line somewhere.
    Your thoughts?

    Derek =]
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    N/M A delayed post was just made. Sorry
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      Hi. Welcome to MiceChat.
      I'm not in charge of anything around here so I'm just guessing that it was because there are a ton of People Mover threads already in the archive. Try a search and you'll find all kinds of chat on the topic.
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        It was probably locked because that topic was already in discussion in another thread. The mods advise that you use the search feature to make sure your thread wasn't already posted.

        Also, if it was locked that means the Mods, don't want it there. Going and reposting it will just get you in trouble. You kind of have to go with the flow on these things.

        If you have a question or complaint, PM the Mods. They are probably more then happy to explain their reasoning to you. They are afer all reasonalble people.


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          Originally posted by Evil Minion
          By locking a topic and giving you hints, we are telling you that this topic has been discussed before, and in current topics, and that you should post you opinion in one of those topics.
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            Sorry about that.

            I was hoping to have my reply up before you noticed.


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