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    Last week I got a letter from Disneyland reminding, as if I didn't know, that my AP would be up on May 5 of this year. What I found interesting is that this year the entire birthday weekend is blocked out for all but Premium Passes. They are $329 this year. I read further and found that if I renewed by mail before my current pass expired, I would get a choice of the standard Goofy Pass or the special gold foil 50th pass. Easy choice there. :lol:

    Also I would get a 20% discount on the price, making it $309 for the Premium Pass. Now I have read on various Disney boards lots of horror stories about renewing the pass by mail, but I figured I would give it a try so I mailed a Money Order to Disneyland last Friday and kept my fingers crossed. Yesterday (Thursday) a plain blue envelope came in the mail stuffed in with a bunch of advertising junk that was jammed into my mail box. I almost threw it out thinking that it was just another piece of junk mail. :botox:

    For some reason I brought it up to the apartment and set it down on the table next to my recliner. Later in the evening I picked it up out of curiosity and notice that the return address had no company name and again almost tossed it. Then I saw the city on the return address and it was Anaheim, CA. I opened it and found inside my new gold foil Premium AP along with a coupon for a one time 20% discount on certain merchandise at certain stores. I am so glad that curiosity kept me from tossing this piece of mail that looked just like junk mail. :monkey:

    But that was quick service and the card is a keeper. It also became effective now, so even though I can start using it now, it runs to May 5, 2006. All in all, except for sending it in a plain blue envelope, this was the best way to do this for this year. A bit expensive, but since it's Disneyland's 50th, my 63rd birthday all on the same day, I thought I would treat myself this year. And since I plan to retire the following month, I can go to Disneyland whenever I want then, and I will go often with a premium pass.
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    Thank You Poisonedapples

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    Yeah, it only took 4 days to get my AP. They're pretty fast!
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