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Peoplemover - the next logical step?


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  • Peoplemover - the next logical step?

    It is obvious that the peoplemover as we all once knew it, will never return. At this point, during the 50th anniversay celebrations, it is also clear that the PM track is getting only a facelift in a new Tomorrowland themed paint job.

    So what is the next logical step? In other threads, it has been mentioned that the Rocket Rods attraction has now damaged and made the PM track unsafe.

    Do you think the next step will be demolition of the PM track itself, to make room for something else in Tomorrowland? Aesthetically, how much damage to the "look" of Tomorrowland would there be if the track was demolished and all traces removed? Is that even possible?


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    Removing it would be better that having an empty reminder of what used to be.


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      I completely agree with removing the track entirely.

      Much as I loved the peoplemover, seeing its bones lingering around like that is nothing more than depressing. If they're not going to bring it back or use the track for something really cool, they should tear it down and open the space back up.
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        it is true that Rocket Rods damaged the track, so extensive structural modifications would be necessary to replace it. Personally, I'd like to see, maybe 5 years down the line, them take out the existing track and build a new one (build it correctly) and bring the Rocket Rods back, but with higher capacity, better theming, and banked turns. I realize its former queue is gone, but it would not need such a large queue anymore--just make it a Fastpass ride with a 90/10 ratio of Fastpassers to Stand-byers and then it wouldn't require a gigantic queue in the middle of Tomorrowland. It seems to me it would be a fun ride that most people could enjoy (like Test Track).
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          I pretty much agree with pyrateslife4me84. I want to see Rocket Rods return, but I dont see the need for a TOTALLY new track. Just renovate the existing one. I liked slowing down on the curves (it was fun!) but that will just bring us back where we started and have the Rods closing in 2 years. So they should just bank the curves and run the Rods accelerated thru the entire track. The downside is, the ride will be much shorter, probably 1 - 1 1/2 minutes. But using FASTPASS and not building such a HUGE queue will help cut down waits, so the short ride won't feel too much like a ripoff.

          If the track is removed (which could probably be done, or at least the visible parts could be taken out), Tomorrowland will look very empty in the main entryway, but the rest of it, you'd barely notice.


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            not necessarily that short. Have it be fast on the outside sections and have nice show scenes on the inside sections where the cars would slow down. Then create "trains" with two cars attached and maybe 6 people in each car (12 total) and capacity will be higher without adversely affecting ride quality.

            I am pretty sure the entire track needs to be least the outdoor sections.
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              Originally posted by snowflake
              [FONT=Arial][COLOR=SeaGreen] In other threads, it has been mentioned that the Rocket Rods attraction has now damaged and made the PM track unsafe.
              Track or platform?

              Magnetic Levitation (Mag-Lev) system... Sort of like the system installed at WDW... Have it glide through a guided track which will need to be rebuilt if it is damaged... The sucker runs on electricity, so there are no polutants... This style of track is a technology of today that will be used shortly to power trains along the LA-SF courador, as plane travel will become expensive due to petrolium depleation...

              Sooner or later they are going to have to remove Autopia and put in electric cars... as the cost of petrolium will make that ride VERY expensive... Besides it will be cleaner and nicer... But Chevron won't be happy...
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                Well, I'm more in favor of leaving the thing, bones and all, alone until 2010. the Chevron makeover of Autopia needs to be undone, and that whole area including MBC needs a redo. So, in a few years when they Imagineers can essentially wipe the whole slate clean, redesign that whole quadrant, and put PM in the budget to receive a new track layout through that area, since the current structure has to be rebuilt anyway.

                Meanwhile, I never have heard, what is the status of the PM track that ran through what is now the Buzz building?
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                  MBC area is getting a redo. Does anyone know yet what the future of this location is? Is it just sitting there drained?

                  Some say the Peoplemover track in Buzz building was taken out, but it doesn't look like it from the outside. The track at least still enters the building.


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                    I remember when I went in 2001, and I saw the track, I was all like, what was there? Cause I noticed boards and like walls and stuff where the track went into a building.. The track pretty much ran into a wall...

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                      ^When in 2001 did you go? When they were supposedly "renovating" Rocket Rods (which would be January-April 2001) or did you go later? This is very interesting! Tell me everything about these boards and work on the track.


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                        They should just put in "Tommorowland Transit Authority" from WDW which is basically an updated peoplemover.


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                          The title of the thread is "The Next Logical Step..."

                          Yes, the People Mover is now in Yesterland. I don't think it's coming back. What to do with the track? Paint it so it doesn't look all tacky for the 50th, then remove it next year. Even if the damage to the track is minimal, would your liability lawyer let you build a new ride on it? The ride is gone. Perhaps they'll built a new track and try Rocket Rods again. I doubt it. Time for something new... or, more likely, time to remember what used to be there and just move on. That's my logical answer.

                          But hey!!! This is Mice Chat where we're all imagineers with unlimted budgets... so let's dip our chocolate bar into our peanut butter and see if we can satisfy two cravings at once! Remove the PP track and replace it with a new track for udated suspended PM cars. Run the whole mess around the park and make it go up high in spots and you've got a People Mover Skyway!
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                            Originally posted by Tom Chaney
                            Remove the PP track and replace it with a new track for udated suspended PM cars. Run the whole mess around the park and make it go up high in spots and you've got a People Mover Skyway!
                            Oooooh I'd love to ride something like that! Make the cars look a little Jetson-like and you've got a Tomorrow that I'd like to be in! I know, I know, Hanna Barbera, not Disney - but isn't that the future we'd Really love to live in? I want my own personal rocket pack, dang it!

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                              A suspended people mover would be so cool. And it would probably attract way more people. Look how many more people go on Peter Pan in fantasyland compared to the other dark rides. Being suspended adds some thrill to it.


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