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Have you ever had a "Groundhog type day"?


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  • Have you ever had a "Groundhog type day"?

    Have you ever had a "bad day at a Disney theme park. A day that you wish, that you could have kept living over and over, until you got it right.

    Last year, our last 2 days at WDW qualified as "Groundhog type days".

    I am sure you have seen the movie. Bill Murray, in the lead, has a really bad day. He keeps reliving that day over and over, until he gets it right.

    Our day started with breakfast at AK lodge, wallet lost. Wallet found. but realization that pass of 11 year old was back at hotel. Thank goodness we had a car to drive back. Party of 4 split up 3 returning to AK, I go to MK. I ride Splash mountain, have lite snack, become ill, miss 4:30 Afternnon Tea
    Go back to hotel, do not return to MK for parade and Wishes.

    Ideal day would have been spent, breakfast at AK Lodge, Morning at AK, afternoon Magic Kingdom attractions, first ride on Splash. Afternoon parade at MK. Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea. Back to Mk, more fun, nightime parade and Wishes.

    You get the idea. Ever had a Groundhog type day at Disneyland. I can't use Disneyland as an example, because I haven't yet been, but I will be there for the anniversary. Hoping it does not qualify for Groundhog status.

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    My son's first trip to Disneyland, The night before, I got the flu. The next morning I was still so sick and my stomache hurt so bad that they had to put me in a wheelchair at the airport.

    Plane ride there was just as bad, thank God its only 45 minutes.

    Made it to the hotel that had a view of the park where all I could do was lay on the bed as my son watched the park from the window. ( He was such a good little trooper)

    The next day we made it to the park but by the end of the day my son could tell you just how many people would rush out of the bathroom when I got sick again.

    I felt so bad for him. Even now, years later, I wish I could re-do that day for him.

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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      Re: Have you ever had a "Groundhog type day"?

      I have not had any of those types of days.


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