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"Johnny Depp on POTC" video


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  • "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

    I got this link from a friend

    They let him get out of the boat and touch Jack's face!!!

    It's so cool to see them both together.
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  • #2
    Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

    That was totally awsome!!! (the eighties in me is comming out,sorry!!) I had to email it to like 20 people.


    • #3
      Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

      That's awesome, thanks for sharing.

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      • #4
        Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

        Interestingly enough, Johnny Depp seems to be baffled as to why he was made part of the ride.

        Quote: "...who would have thought that Johnny Depp would be part of a theme park ride? 'My kids get to go to Disneyland a little more often than other kids, but that's part of the gig,' he says.

        Still, he is rather surprised by this turn in his career. 'When the ride took this particular turn, I was shocked, and I am still shocked,' he concedes. 'It doesn't make sense to me.'



        • #5
          Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

          Great video, nice camera angles! I guess Depp enjoyed the updated ride.


          • #6
            Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

            good video I like how they recorded the waterfull davy jones scene. Its amazing how great a job the imagineers did!

            Im bored, lets go to Disneyland.


            • #7
              Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

              What a great video. I won't be able to get to DL for a few years now so it's great to see the new additions.

              I love Johnny's reactions. He seemed in awe of what a wonderful job they've done. I liked it when AAJohnny and real-life Johnny kinda looked at each other at the exact same time :lol:
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                Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

                I saw this the other day but it had two other guys talking over it, I loved hearing Johnny's own comments! Thanks for sharing!!

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                • #9
                  Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

                  Oh I lOVE this video! How cute that he was intimidated to touch the figure. Adorable! :love:
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                  Marge: Pink.
                  Homer: D'oh!
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                  • #10
                    Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

                    While watching this video I noticed that you can see the the bottom of Johnny's latex neck as he pops out of the barrel and is turning his head. haha Unless it just happenes to be the largest non-lethal sword gash ever to be caught on film!


                    • #11
                      Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

                      Even though I think the Davy Jones part is really amazing and was just awwed by it, I will miss the "old" part of the ride, how you would sail into total darkness before emerging on the Wicked Wench battle scene.


                      • #12
                        Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

                        Boy, he really gives away the forced perspective of the ride when he gets out and walks right in front of the seemingly 8' tall, 500-pound pirate. I had no idea that pirate was that big, but I guess that's kind of the point. Having an object that big and the background objects really small make the town seem much bigger.

                        It kind of makes me wonder just how big that set really is. I looks like it can be dozens of feet to the wall, but I'm wondering now if it's just a tiny little room with more forced perspective than I previously thought.


                        • #13
                          Re: "Johnny Depp on POTC" video

                          That was an amazing video. It was so strange seeing the real and fake Jonny together. The animatronic looked better IMHO.
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