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What time on May 5th?


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  • What time on May 5th?

    What time should I plan to arrive on May 5th? I want to make sure I don't miss anything... The unveiling of the castle, any special annoucments, ceremonies etc. etc. I live about a half hour away from Disneyland with no traffic on the 5. Anyone have any idea?

    I could imagine that a majority of guests on that day will be all of us Disney FANS! I may be wrong though:botox: .

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    I didn't mention that I did enter the May 4th contest, but I 1) don't know if I will win and 2) don't think it will be the same as May 5th.


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      I'm going to be showing up around 7:30 am, since the park doesn't open until 9 am. I'm sure the park will be closed by noon. Or it would, if they closed the gates like the used to.
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        I would get there as early as possible because once you are in, STAY THERE!! Don't Leave Disneyland!
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          That packed? Oh ****...:botox:


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            While May 5th will be busy, I think it will be about as busy as a good sized weekend crowd...

            Disney doesn't think that they will reach capacity. They have decided to not block out any type of AP on that date...

            Remember, we are talking about an off-season Thursday, when most kids have to go to school. Also, the date is a "made up" date by Disney Marketing, unlike the true BD, July 17th.

            Actually, I think that May 7th and 8th, the weekend, will be more crowded than Thursday...
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