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4th DLR Hotel & DtD Phase 2???


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  • 4th DLR Hotel & DtD Phase 2???

    Within the last week on WDWMagic, a former CM named CSUFSteve started a new thread about having received a CM package back in 1997 showing DL's plan at the time for the DLR expansion that was to follow. He posted a link in his profile to a JPG showing a map of the resort area entitled "The Disneyland Resort Master Plan." It shows not only California Adventure, the Grand Californian, and Downtown Disney roughly as we know them today, but also what is apparently the next phase of DtD extending out towards Mickey & Friends and ending at what the map legend refers to as "Magic Kingdom Hotel" which is positioned between the existing Disneyland Hotel and Mickey & Friends.

    Here is the original post on WDWMagic by CSUFSteve:

    Here is the link to the image:

    It's far from exactly what DLR is today, but it is roughly accurate. The most notable exceptions are the extended DtD and the Magic Kingdom Hotel areas which are little more than parking lots today. Could be a clue to the next phase.
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    Look closley at the paradise pier area, It's completely different from what it is now, Paradise pier hotel has a different name, and Downtown Disney is called "The Disneyland Center". So it looks like this plan didn't completely come through, or there was last minute changes. But who knows, the new hotel and the extended Downtown Disney just might happen!


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      Well, its not surprising that changes were made between 1997 and 2001. But still, could be a sign of things to come...


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        Yeah that map is so dated it was way before DCA opened, take a look at how Hwood Pictures Backlot looks too, it's different.

        And instead of World of Disney and la Brea Bakery there's a parking lot for the GC Hotel. The Disneyland Centre ended up nothing like the Downtown Disney we got and so this is just a rough draft of what they ended up actually building.

        But one interesting thing, is how there is that little space in the bushes opened up outside the berm north of Big Thunder Ranch, as part of the park the guests could go in.

        Perhaps this is where WOODYLAND is being planned. If Mickey can walk down a Main Street that existed before he was drawn, Woody can march around in front of Big Thunder Mtn, IMO.


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          Originally posted by Disneylandrocks55
          Paradise pier hotel has a different name...
          Actually that hotel did have the Pacific branding for a while before DCA opened. After they purchased the Pan Pacific Hotel (just the hotel, not the land, which is still privately owned by a 3rd party) they changed the name during the Resort expansion to Disney's Pacific Hotel. Then the beleaguered establishment finally became know as Paradise Pier Hotel. Even to this day, internal acronyms around the resort still refer to the place as DPH. (Disney's Pacific Hotel).
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            It looks like, if a new hotel and new leg of DtD were to spring up where indicated on the map, it would be an easy walk to the Monorail station from this hotel as well.

            Does DLR need more rooms yet?

            I wonder what theme this "Magic Kingdom Hotel" might take on if it were to really happen sometime in the future.

            This is all speculation though and barely even worthy of being considered a rumor. It's just a look at one of many possibilities that WDI/Disney have come up with in the past. Still, its fun to wonder what may come of all that parking space as it currently stands and what the Resort's next move may be.


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              the DL resort hotels have had extremely high occupancies of late, so it is time for a 4th resort.
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                I seem to have heard somewhere that they are going to do a DTD phase 2..


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                  As for occupancy, yes, Anahiem could easily support another Disney hotel. With the parks and the Convention Center right next door and current occupancy above 85%. Plus, the resorts are a good stream of steady income for the resort.
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                    Originally posted by Disneymike
                    I seem to have heard somewhere that they are going to do a DTD phase 2..
                    Yes, they are. Hopefully, it will be something similar to Pleasure Island at WDW--some clubs, maybe a couple new restaurants, and maybe a Cirque du Soleil resident show (now that Tokyo is getting one and wdw has had La Nouba for years, it seems even more likely).
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