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Disneyland hat embroidery machines are on their way out!


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  • Disneyland hat embroidery machines are on their way out!

    I was in the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland on Saturday night. I was talking to the CM's (like I always do) about whether or not I was going to buy some golden ears. One of the CM's told me that if I wanted hand-embroidered ears that I better hurry as Disneyland is doing away with the hand embroidery machines just in time for the 50th anniversary.
    Here is a link to a picture of the machine.
    Apparently, there have been several workman's comp claims involving the hand-controlled machines and Disneyland is replacing them with a new digital embroidery machine that will do the job neater, albeit smaller, without any human creativity. Apparently it takes about 4 minutes per hat to do. Wow, that's gonna crowd up the hat shops even more!
    The embroidery machines which are as old as the Park itself are still currently in use for approximately the next 3 weeks, except for the one in Critter Country which has already been replaced with a digital model. The new model is currently being tested and they are trying to work the "bugs" out of it before replacing any of the other machines.
    I spoke with another CM that works in another one of the hat shops. She said that she has a stress fracture and tendonitis from using the machine for only ONE day! She still works in the hat shop, but she no longer does any hat embroidery. If you want a hat embroidered, another employee has to do it.
    Being a Disneyland purist, I bought what is probably my last hand-embroidered set of Mickey ears at Disneyland Park. I'm glad they were the golden ones. :botox:
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    Well, I know some hat writers that will be thrilled!


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      shoulda been done long ago. :botox:
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        Well, I guess it is the end of another audio fixture at Disneyland. So long to the loud, rapid-fire sounds of the mechanical embrodierer.


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          Wow 0_0

          I feel lucky now. I just went on Saturday and got ears for the first time.

          It's probably overall a good thing to do, but I'm a little sad to see them go.


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            When we were there on spring break and purchased six of the golden ears, the CM told us about the new machines and she wasn't happy about it. We said our piece about the machines at City Hall. I guess our attempt to keep the hand ones lost out.

            To that nice CM in the Main St shop that helped us, Sorry, but we tried...


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              What's next? no more Hand scooped ice cream? digital silhouettes? touch screen ordering at coke corner? a CD player instead of Rod Miller? "Lucky" the AA horse pulling the streetcar? Didn't anyone notice that the story of Main Street is that things were made by hand and that it was a small town transitioning to an automated age? 3 cheers for tendonitius! In the 1890s they were dying from consumption anyway.. and where are all those other embrodiery casualties from the last 50 years of doing it?

              (I'm ranting a bit over the top...)
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                Wow, this is a big change, my Wife and I are very lucky then we purchased our Golden Ears in ToonTown. I think it is very special to have it done this way, one last time. Is it hard to run the old machines? It seams like it too me.
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                  Every single hat-writer I know absolutely hates the Briar Patch embrodery machine.

                  #1- It's a good idea but flawed. A good hat writer can do 10 hats for every 1 the machine does.

                  #2- It is somewhat unneccesary. Carpal Tunnel and other repetive actions plague the hat writers and it is a serious problem for the cast and Disney. However, it is all about training and follow through. some writers get messed up after one shift, and others have been doing it for 20 years with no ill-effect.

                  #3- The machines take up space. The hat writer locations are quite small, and capacity would be very much restriced in some places.

                  #4- Disney will lose some of it's 'magic', each hat (except for Briar Patch) is basically made by hand by and artisan, not info entered into a computer- this is not something that should be lost.

                  #5- When the machines take over, specialty training for them will be much simpler and basically any stores person could do it- giving Disney liscence to remove the premium pay. Currently hat-writers make premium pay over normal store operations due to their specialty, that could be in danger if these machines are fully rolled out before the union contract comes up next March.

                  In conclusion...BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hisssssss!!!!!
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                    Boooo hissss indeed!!! I was looking forward to getting my name hand emroidered on my gold ears. Are they using black thread on the gold hats??? Please tell me they are......
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                      Well, I know what I'll be registering my displeasure with at City Hall when I go. This needs to be protested, LOUDLY.
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                        Originally posted by disneyfreeek
                        Boooo hissss indeed!!! I was looking forward to getting my name hand emroidered on my gold ears. Are they using black thread on the gold hats??? Please tell me they are......

                        I've seen pics of it, and alas, they are using white thread for the names (on gold ears). If I can remember where I saw it I'll let you know.

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                          Is Disney World keeping the old machinery?


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                            This sucks!! Hopefully the old ones will still be there when we come!


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                              Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo!


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                                "No black thread for you"!

                                Originally posted by disneyfreeek
                                Are they using black thread on the gold hats??? Please tell me they are......
                                I specifically asked if they could use a different color thread. I was told, "NO, NOW GO STAND IN THE CORNER UNTIL YOUR GOLDEN EARS WITH WHITE THREAD ARE READY". :botox:
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                                  That really sucks!!

                                  But maybe the new machines can do different colors of thread or more complex designs?


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                                    That's so sad, I love the sound of the machines

                                    Btw, on another site I saw golden ears with burgandy thread, it was from the digital machines and looked really good.

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                                      It is really sad, but I guess some things are just destined to change.
                                      I was actually suprised to hear that they are so slow. My sister-in-law has one of those 5000.00 sewing machines that does everything but the dinner dishes for you. She whips out embroidery really fast.
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                                        This was talked about previously. CMs who were famliar with the machines were generally happy to see them go.


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