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The Entirely Awesome Pirate Band


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  • The Entirely Awesome Pirate Band

    I haven't seen a thread on this yet (though I'm still on vacation, so I COULD just be very dense), but how totally awesome is the pirate band? I stumbled onto their first ever trial run on Sunday morning and was REALLY pleasantly surprised - these guys are GREAT! Stellar audience interaction and great tunes - I mean, how can you NOT love piratey covers of It's A Small World and Part Of Your World, along with their gnarly Ballad of Captain Jack Sparrow?

    Seriously, when these guys get on the schedule, you HAVE to track 'em down. There was a fleet of executives standing nearby during the show (at least ten of 'em at one point) and they seemed to be digging the energy and huge crowd of on-lookers. I approached them post-show and lavished praise upon them about the band - just doing my part to ensure that these merry pirates have continued employment. ^_^
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    Re: The Entirely Awesome Pirate Band

    Insert the standard "This Thread Really Needs Pictures" smiley :cgrin: here.

    Just wondering if it's something all-new, or made up of some of the park regular CM's with new arrangements and costumes.

    Like some of the Billies that have the day off (there's almost two dozen leads and alternates to cover 7 days plus vacations), or River Rascals, or Miner 49ers, individual performers like Farley, etc. There's a LOT of highly talented people in the DLR Cast that sing, play multiple instruments and genres, and they can mix them up in interesting combinations.

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      Re: The Entirely Awesome Pirate Band

      Sounds very cool.

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        Re: The Entirely Awesome Pirate Band

        i read about the pirarate band, will it be there this saturday on the 8th ? cuz thats when im goinn next


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          Re: The Entirely Awesome Pirate Band

          I'd heard good things from a friend of mine and will be looking for them next time I'm at the park (assuming they stick around).
          Warning: Portions of this attraction are intense and may not be appropriate for younger children.


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