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Disneyland Civic Projects!

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  • Disneyland Civic Projects!

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    Re: Disneyland Civic Projects!

    Rides or park elements do not last forever. At some point, the park might need to remove the element because of unpopularity. Things have to change. With the plaza, there isn't really much to change. It isn't like a gigantic roller coaster will be built in the plaza and I forsee it will be similar to how it is now for years to come. Elements in Disneyland, such as that mural in Tomorrowland (in the above linked blog), don't last forever. Imagine if you pay for a piece of that old pirate ship in Fantasyland or something along those lines and then 10 years later having the building torn down. I wouldn't be happy, would you? Long live the plaza.

    Speaking of bricks, jeez, I got mine in April, and they aren't installing it until November :blink:


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      Re: Disneyland Civic Projects!

      Very interesting idea, and some excellent thoughts to consider too. I once thought of getting the park registered as a State or national historic or cultural landmark, then they couldnt mess with it without a public hearing. But the company needs the ability to evolve the park as times change to keep it viable as a business too. Once the guests bought everything, then you couldn't change it. I'm glad they didnt sell the fiber optics of Light Magic..otherwise...

      As for raising money for projects, that's interesting too, but I thought that was what my admission was for and the overpriced popcorn. It's somehting worth thinking about. Buying stock is a small step toward that as you are voting for the direction of the comapny in a way. I'm not sure that soliciting funds for cap ex when you are a huge for profit company wouldnt have some kind of a backlash, but you'll never know till you try.

      Best new thinking I've seen on these boards.
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