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What if all Disney Parks were under the same ticket system?


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  • What if all Disney Parks were under the same ticket system?

    Now I realize that WDW has 4 major parks, and 2 waterparks. I realize that Disneyland Resort is a lot smaller, and only has 2 parks. There are also Disney parks in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The parks are not created equal.

    What if the tickets were. The more days that you go, the less you pay. What if those multi-day park hoppers with the no expiration features and pluses would get you into any of the theme parks?

    I realize that an annual pass at Disneyland is about 1/2 the price for one at WDW. That would be really unfair to the Disneyland annual pass holder if that pass were raised in price, to accomodate entry into any Disneyland Park.

    When I was considering purchasing an annual pass for WDW, a traveling companion of mine, thought that an annual pass for WDW, would also get you into Disneyland. If only it would. You could plan two trips in a year. One to WDW, and the other to Disneyland.

    I realize the differences in the ticket prices from each Disney destination, and I understand the economics behind it, but I thought that the concept, might make an interesting discussion. Don't flame me.

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    I have some old multi-day passports from WDW that can also be used at Disneyland. I think that only the Annual Passes are resort specific.


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      I think an added ticket should be added... an "All Theme Parks Annual Pass" that would be good at every Disney owned Theme Park in the world, and Tokyo Disney's parks as well.

      Then a "U.S. Parks annual pass," just for use in the U.S. Theme Parks, since most of us won't be leaving the U.S. any time soon. Heh heh.

      I think it would be a good value for the ticket holder, and it would save money in the long run for the one day tickets if they used the same turnstyles in Disneyland as they do in WDW, and have the same 1 day ticket prices... lower WDW's one day price a bit, (or keep it the same for a few years) and then raise DL's a little over 3 years till it matches WDW's price. Then have a severely discounted ticket for DCA. LOL

      Also, as it stands now, any WDW ticket can be converted into a Disneyland ticket... but a Disneyland ticket can't be used in WDW. This excludes Annual Passes.


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        I wonder how much real demand there would be for "all-resort" AP's They would have to be very expensive and I can't imagine that many people out there who would visit all five resorts worldwide in a year and make such a pass financially feasable. Even a US pass is a stretch of the imagination. Now to sell such a pass overseas is another story. Vacation time is a much more liberal thing overseas than here with the minimum being three weeks. A pass like that would get much more use I would think. Unfortunately, stateside vacation time is not a federal mandate (as it should be) and most people don't get enough time to take more than one vacation a year, if they take one at all. If the work to live campaign manages to get a bill passed that would secure vacation time for every working american, I think the jump in the travel industry would be huge. Then maybe some multi-park passports would be something to consider.
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          So maybe the idea is not out of the question. Thanks to Disneyland's 50th celebration, all of the Disney Parks are benefiting this year and next. Getting spruced up and getting new attractions. I have kinda wondered why the ticket prices were not universal, and always been told, because WDW has 4 parks and Disneyland has 2. A person can only be in one place at a time, however, so to me the major question should be this. What is a day at a Disney Park worth? What should a person be paying for a day at a Disney Park?

          I like the idea of the Universal Annual Pass, maybe it could be added, without taking away a separate Disneyland Annual Pass, the WDW Annual Pass, the Disneyland Paris Annual Pass. Good idea. Don't discontinue what already exists. Add an additional pass, that good at all parks. Even a better plan.

          But we don't run Disney, we just love our Disney parks.


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            It would be hard to raise the DLR passport prices to WDW levels. There would almost certainly be far fewer sold, and its even possible that AP revenue would decline.

            I also see no incentive for WDW passes to be good at DLR. Since a typical WDW trip is longer than a DLR trip, they make more money if you go to WDW.


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              I am against it!

              I don't like the idea only because it continues to feed the idea that all the parks are just interchangeable, with nothing distinctive or unique. I believe that Disneyland and WDW have wonderful things about them, but they are unique. I am going to argue that instead of pricing the parks like shirts for "one size fits all" a better way would be to price the park for what it is worth. DCA is not equal to DL so it should not have the same price. So too with WDW, AK is not MK. Many people right now only spend 1/2 day at AK and a couple at MK. So with Disneyland, it is frequented more by locals because you have a city of millions of people right next door. WDW has Orlando in which half the residents there work at WDW. These are two different situations that should be priced accordingly.

              Believe me, the way Disney management is now, one price for the whole system would only be a price HIKE and not greater value for the guests! :devil:


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