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Who thinks they should go back to one bobsled?


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    Originally posted by fkurucz
    I rode it yesterday. It seemed a lot smoother than last time (2002).
    They try to improve the ride every winter when it goes down for re-hab. It has gotten alot better, but I didn't mind it before, and I don't mind it now.


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      Originally posted by ni_teach
      I don't think that the second bobsled causes the ride to be bumpier. The new bobsleds are wider and make you bounce around more.
      Okay, I always wondered why the ride is rougher now.

      the reason it matters, is it used to be really smooth, like flying down ice.
      I still get a thrill though. And one of the tracks are a little rougher than the other, it seems like.
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        i wish it was a little girlfriends head flew back and hit me in the mouth on one of the drops...kinda painful. but still a fun ride.


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          i totally agree.

          i am waiting for the "improvement" of putting in a wider back seat, to accomodate a large individual or two people so romantically inclined. as well as individual seat backs.
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            Might just be nostalgia on my part, but it did seem to be a better ride with just the single sleds. I wouldn't go back to the old "empty shell mountain" or longer queues though!
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              I never experienced the mattahorn with one sled. the ride should stay rough and bumpy cause that is what bob sleds are suppose to feel like. Plus it turns me on! :lol:

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                Originally posted by tiggergrl
                Plus it turns me on! :lol:
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                  The single cars were definitely more attractive and better themed...although capacity is the real issue

                  Not sure if they were faster or not.... Throughout the years the track modifications and additional excess braking has caused the 'sleds' to slow down some I'm sure...

                  I do somewhat miss the old empty shell inside...the close call with the skyway buckets going up the lift...the view at the top of the lift when you make the turn was great (it was open-air then and not enclosed..) and the constant feeling you were going to crash into pipes, scaffolding, wooden boards once on course...By todays standards, the incomplete look inside would be unimagineable...

                  Ahhhh..the memories...


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