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New photos from Monday, 4/18 - New castle lighting and more


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  • New photos from Monday, 4/18 - New castle lighting and more

    They have installed the new projectors for the castle special effects, and the Opera House walls and tents are down.. plus more!...

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    Nice. Wondering what those people where doing on the Sub dock.


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      It looks like R2-D2 left Tomorrowland...oh wait, nevermind.


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        Great pics! Those new projectors for the castle look pretty cool.


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          Great photos!

          I wish you had taken some shots of the train station though. :lol:



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            Darkbeer Nice job as always.Interesting Lighting system.

            I'm surprised the WDI let the company that makes those Lights leave the Logo on the side. they kind of stick out funny. Love the Golden Ears on the train station and clocks. I wish that had your job.
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              great photos, I can't wait to see the projectors in action and I'm with TicToc, I love the Golden Ears on the station and clocks


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                I am in awe of all of the Disney pics you've been posting on line. I've spent much of my free time the last couple of weeks viewing them and still haven't seen half. The fact that you're there so much and take so many pics makes it like a video tour.




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                  thanks for the great pics

                  Orlando doing good

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                    So, does that mean that what I mentioned in This thread true?
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                      Thanks again Darkbeer.
                      Your photos are as always, excellent.

                      17 days until Disneyland!
                      Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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                        Excellent job, as always, Darkbeer!
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                          Very awsome pictures! I just cant wait till the 50th begins
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                            brilliant pics.... It's like i am there...


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                              Nice pictures! I recently participated in the Magic Music days program at Disneyland. You get to go back stage to reherse and stuff, while I was back there, I saw all 4 of those light dome things. I stared at them for a few minutes and just couldn't figure out what the heck they were for! When they wern't in the flowers, they had wheels beneath them which made them look like oversizided vacume cleaners. Or R2D2. I finally now know what they are for!


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                                Originally posted by 100th Dalmation
                                So, does that mean that what I mentioned in This thread true?
                                Yes, this is special lighting that allows images to be projected onto the castle. It is not the same company that did the tests back last year (I think that's when those tests were) though. That was Pani. This is Lightwave.
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