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Disneyland Maps of Old


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  • Disneyland Maps of Old

    Does anyone know any websites where I could view(preferably) or buy old Disneyland maps? I just saw one from 1958 and it was really cool. But, I couldn't get close enough to see the attraction names and what looked to be Holidayland near where the current Mickey & Friends parking structure is. Any info would be FABULOUS

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    I love the old park maps, you can find them on ebay frequently, though not cheaply. MouseMaps has most of them, the site isn't working as of my posting this, but it was yesterday so I hope this is of some help to you.

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      I think the earliest map I used to have was a 1972 map, although I might have had an earlier one. I know for certain that I got a 1978 map. I had both of them on my bedroom wall for many years. Being the idiot that I am/was, I probably threw them out years ago. *smacks forehead* Who knew? Now I'm going to have to spend the bucks to get back that which was a pittance a generation ago.

      (Hint: kids, keep all the junk that you feel like throwing out. You never know what will make you a mint 20 or 40 years from now)

      (PS - just checked eBay....dang, there's some bargains to be had might not cost me that much to get another couple of the maps I tossed out after all.... )
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        Yes kids, your Pokemon cards could be extremely valuable some day.


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          Originally posted by AndersDMB
          I love the old park maps, you can find them on ebay frequently, though not cheaply. MouseMaps has most of them, the site isn't working as of my posting this, but it was yesterday so I hope this is of some help to you.
          :bow: neat website for maps, thanks! :bow:
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            I have all of them - got them either from Ebay or a Disneyana Show and Sale. The 1968 Map is usually the most expensive and hardest to come by. It is fascinating to look and compare as major changes happened.

            FYI, there is a 1958 Map is a re-print available as well that is not as expensive as getting an original copy of the first map.


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              Actually Not Afraid, the most difficult map to obtain is the first version of Sam McKim's 1958 orange border map. There are three versions of the map with the orange border, but the first has no Matterhorn (only a little spire labeled "snow mountain" and the Jungle Cruise river is the color green. It is the only map with the Stagecoach, the Conestoga Wagons and the Pack Mule trips around Rainbow Mountain. It is very cool map and very difficult to find. It's run was short as the 1959 tomorrowland expansion with subs, etc came along and they "patched" the map with the appropriate update. I've seen a couple on eBay and they sold for over a thousand dollars. There is an excellent article on all of Sam's maps in The E Ticket magazine, number 18.
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