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April 19 - Anyone get tickets for May 4 yet?


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  • April 19 - Anyone get tickets for May 4 yet?

    I think today is the day targeted to notify AP's if they "won" two tix for the May 4 private day at DL (with thousands of others, of course). Did anyone get any emails yet? If so, please post so that others know the messages have been sent ... maybe they arent yet, which must be why I dont have one. Thanks!

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    KLOS is giving away free tickets for May 4th. I wonder if the people receiving those tickets realize how special that is.
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      I have posted this question in a couple other discussion groups as well. The info in the AP section of said people would be notified on or around the 19th. Maybe they are taking their time. plus 2500 tickets really isn't that many so we may not hear of anyone on these boards getting them.


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