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Total Time Riden on Tower at Caliifornia adventure


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  • Total Time Riden on Tower at Caliifornia adventure

    Please Only Serious People on here .
    My total ride on it is 756.
    Oh yes Im TowerFreak99 on the Miboards.
    DCA Tower Total 890 6/07/05

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    Damn... how can you ride it 756... I havn't even been on WDW's more than 5 times yet....


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      I would say that I am up near 100 or so. Figment trust me there are some Tower freaks (no pun intended) at DCA. I have actually had to tell people to stop talking along with the pre-show video and the worst is people doing the count down before the drop.


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        I talk along with the preshow video at WDW... and love "counting" the drops... though as i said.. i have only been on the attraction 5 times.....

        WDW 5 times...

        DCA .. never


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          601 times. Come and get it.
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            Im up to 20.... and thats included when us CMs got to ride on it for a week, before it opened!!
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              I'm a little under 20, but that takes into consideration that I've only been at DCA a grand total of four days after it opened.
              If I lived down there with an AP, though, I get the feeling it would be around ten times that.


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                hhmmm...I think maybe 10 to 20 times.


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                  Only 4.
                  And that's probably where it will stay.
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                    Tower Ride Total at DCA

                    :devil: wow who is on miboard too. i have the same name on there
                    DCA Tower Total 890 6/07/05


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                      Probably about 15 times @ DCA. Twice in FL...
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                        DCA TOT: 6 (I think)
                        MGM TOT: 2 (once in each shaft)
                        Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
                        I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

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                          No times at WDW. As for DCA...who knows? I lost count after 5. But whats sad is that you guys are actually counting!! Are you just throwing out a number or did you really keep track? Nutty.
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                            93 for me

                            Walt's love of Trains!


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                              A whopping 2 times for me, but that number will go up on May 19th.


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                                I rode the TOT for the FIRST TIME yesterday! Whoooo! A TOT VIRGIN! :o

                                I screamed all the way thru! What a gas!

                                I'm saving my next time for me and my hubby. I was solo for the first trip!

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