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Another good thing about the Peoplemover...


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  • Another good thing about the Peoplemover...

    It provided such happy music as you rode along!

    I mean, who could possibly be depressed or feel hopeless while listening to that pleasant, soothing, "life is great" music it played throughout the trip? It was just so amazingly optimistic and placid.

    On the other hand, I heard some music that I believe was tied to the Rocket Rods (like, queue music or something - I could be way wrong) and it sounded disjointed, dischordand and disturbing. Maybe the ride was thrilling and had a neat "take-off" sound, and I'm sure it was popular. Never rode on it myself.

    I'm not saying they should bring the Peoplemover back, I'm just saying it had an optimistic and soothing spirit that was undeniable, and had it been utilized properly it could have stood the test of time.
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    Yeah, I avoided Tomorrowland 98 like the plague (as did the majority of the potential market, actually), so I don't know first-hand, but from most accounts, the music of the Rocket Rods, and the noise of the things themselves, would have been awful. Maybe their technical flaws were actually the result of CM sabotage. Or divine intervention.

    If Disney can justify a new engine for the DRR, they can certainly and demonstrably prove that families still enjoy going to a themepark and going on rides where they can leisurely ride through the engaging themes, which means that, since Disney is investing in Tomorrowland's theming again, PeopleMover would be a great ride to bring back.
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      I found this a while back


      I agree, as I went from my teens to my twenties, I learned to really appreciate the chance to just sit back, relax and take in some elevated people watching and always got a kick out of the music...industrial pop...


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